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Written By- Eddie Avil

Before #COVID the only way we knew to interact, meet-up , educate , conduct business were largely physical, It will not be wrong to state that the pandemic has made “Geography, History”.

Physical presence has made way for remote/virtual interactions opening up humungous opportunities for organisations, from cost savings , productivity, innovations to increase in ROI for the ones who #digitise.

#VirtualReality as a technology is packed with capabilities that seamlessly enables #VirtualEducation , #VirtualHealthcare, #VirtualWork, #VirtualTraining , #VirtualTravel, #VirtualRetail & much more.

I am not saying that #AugmentedReality/Virtual Reality will make physical reality redundant , but it's clear that we have entered a “New Normal” and technologies such as XR holds potential to transform society for good.

India has 2000 AR/VR Startups today and the numbers are growing rapidly, each of them are solving problems which will add huge benefits to our lives, this is the 2nd List of #extendedreality #startups from #india.

For those who missed the 1st Article- Click the link

KALPNIK- Founded by John Kuruvilla, Apul Nahata & Ashwani Garg , they are India’s 1st Startup to offer devotees to experience Religious places virtually, they wish to revolutionize the way people experience remote places and events virtually through cutting edge technology platform and applications using #VR and #AR tools. With patent pending technology they are working hard to bridge the gap between dreams and reality to allow people to visit and experience places and events in an immersive and interactive manner.

QUAQUA- Claims to be the world’s first platform that integrates #360VR content for travel and tourism industry. their vision is to deliver real and immersive travel experiences through storytelling, that inspire people to travel.

QuaQua aims to bridge the gap between metadata, content, bookings and community by providing a platform for both businesses and travelers alike. QuaQua through an intelligent, intuitive and interactive UX strives to engage users to personalize experiences and consume end to end virtual travel journeys.

FOTON VR- Is an #Educational Virtual Reality Startup based out of Gujarat & they provide Virtual and Augmented Reality science #learningKit for #school education and training.

fotonVR creates 360-degree content according to the syllabus of 21 countries including US, UK, Australia, India, Finland & have introduced a complete solution to use VR technology in school.

They set up VR classroom, train the teacher, update the content regularly & have been setting up VR Labs at Schools

KLIP VR- Is another Virtual Reality Education Startup that is transforming the future of education.

Content is still a cumbersome & expensive affair but Klip VR are going all out and building world class virtual reality learning experiences without compromising on quality, they have built some lovely VR Experiences and have been engaging various schools in Delhi, i had recently interviewed the founders of KLIP VR on my podcast, if you want to know more about them then catch their interview at

PlayShifu - More than a toy, more than an App! :) Interactive educational toys & games based on Augmented Reality.

PlayShifu Is a leading AR toy company revolutionizing the world of tomorrow by providing educational play experiences for kids today. With 16 products that offer unique tactile play experiences for ages 4-12 years, kids build STEAM and other foundational skills such as critical thinking, engineering and geography.

Its three toy platforms, Shifu Orboot, Shifu Plugo and Shifu Tacto are loved around the world and are currently available in 15 countries

PARALLAX LABS- Parallax Labs is a Mumbai based VR, AR & MR Content Development Startup Studio that servicices enterprise and the defence Sector.

Parallax was adjudges as one of the pioneers in defence technologies under innovation for defence excellence iDEX Initiative- Ministry of Defence

They are a team of enthusiasts, engineers and pragmatists from backgrounds ranging from mechatronics to computer science to user experience design, with the vision to become one of the top studios in the world in VR and AR content development.

Podcast Episode with the Founder-

GOPHYGITAL- Founded by Ninad Chhaya who is one of the earliest movers in India’s #Gaming Industry , GoPhygital is a startup focused on providing immersive, experiential solutions to its client-partners using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, #MixedReality, and #Gaming / #Gamification as the core offerings.

GoPhygital works with businesses across various segments like education, healthcare, retail, lifestyle etc to help them enhance their product offering and user engagement by implementing Phygital solutions incorporated with a strong element of gamification

Podcast Episode with Ninad Chhaya-

AR/VR/MR will not reach its true potential until the larger population, enterprise & organisations understand the transformative & economical benefits of this technology.

the only way to create a sustainable & thriving extended reality ecosystem is when we have evangelists& advocates educating people about the potential of XR.

Avi Dwivedi, founder of Extended Reality Developers of India (XRDI] & Educators in VR are working towards democratization and education of XR/AR/VR technology.

SUPERFAN STUDIO -SuperFan Studio is the marketplace that connects companies to a huge network of vetted, top AR creators from around the world to create trending AR, VR, and XR experiences.

Since 2015 they have been building creative solutions & are at the forefront of innovation, using the latest technologies in the fields of media, entertainment, travel, and many others.

Superfan are official partners of #Instagram and #Facebook, and Official Lens Creative Partners of #Snap.

AVATAAR.ME- Is a 3D AI company that helps large enterprise customers create immersive and interactive shopping experiences for their end consumers. Avataar’s vision is to bridge the gap between offline-online experiences by replacing the current 2D visuals with life-size and hyper-realistic 3D XR/AR experiences.

Avataar’s use of AR technology brings spatial depth to the onscreen buying/browsing experience - delivering life-like photorealism, mobile responsiveness, interactivity and personalization – key influences re-shaping the digital commerce industry today.

Avataar works with e-commerce, consumer electronics, auto OEMs and FMCG majors across the US, India and Southeast Asia - driving significant RoI outcomes for marquee brands across these sectors by empowering XR & AR consumer experiences across all their touchpoints - social, web, and in-app.


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