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Virtual Reality Startups in India Everyone Needs to Know About-Top 10 XR Startups from India

Written by: Eddie Avil

I discovered virtual reality in 2015 and it turned my world upside down, i quit composing music and set on an entrepreneurial journey to discover, evangelise, create accessibility & make extended reality a sustainable plus thriving industry here in India.

I started by

setting up “VR Storytellers” an XR Content studio where we not just built India’s very 1st 16cam Stereoscopic virtual reality rig but also Dir/Prod India’s 1st Stereoscopic Award winning Horror Short- CRACKLE.

XROM-AR/VR focussed News website &

Back in 2015 India had less then 10 virtual reality startups, today we have over 2000 + AR/VR Startups in the country, some of them have received funding, lots are still bootstrapped but they are all excelling and solving problems leveraging extended reality.

India & the world needs to know of the augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality Startups from India,

The list below is of 10 virtual reality/augmented reality Startups from india who are doing some really interesting things, will try & share a list of 10 XR startups every two months so i can cover all the fantastic XR startups from India.

Have Divided them into Hardware, Software & Content Creators.


Designs and build mixed reality glasses for Defence, Enterprise, and Education. In addition to hardware they also provide clients with end-to-end AR/VR/MR solutions that are tailored to their business needs.

AjnaLens was founded in 2014 by Abhishek Tomar, Pankaj Raut, and Abhijit Patil.

Ajnalite is India’s 1st AR/VR Glasses & they are currently working on bringing a virtual reality headset to the market

Founded by Suraj Ravi - Question What’s Real is a cross-border new media interactive team, aiming to reshape the face of human computer interaction in order to connect with the individual’s senses.

Near eye personal computing is going to revolutionise the way people use computers. Question What’s Real are in deep research on how they can best deliver these state of the art technologies to everyone. Pushing the human race forward into the next epoch of evolution would need everything in store and more.

VROne is India’s 1st standalone 4k virtual reality headset powered by the qualcomm XR1 Chipset

AURL- Is a smart audio eyewear

Detachable front, allows users to customise their AURL for every mood, every season & everyday, while keeping the user smart AF.


Founded by Kavita Jha & lakkapragada KiksAR Is a Bangalore based funded AR/VR and AI/ML startup targeted towards solving problems of the so called Industrial Revolution 5.0 - meeting imminent demands of generation Z

KiksAR was incorporated in August 2018 and have 25+ big brands and 100+ stores in their portfolio. a SaaS based Virtual Try-On (VTO) company with AI powered Styling and Fitment in Fashion Retail. they have VTO solutions across eyewear, jewellery, makeup, accessories(masks, hijabs, turbans, scarves), watches, apparel and shoes.

Commerce today happens across a number of contexts: at-home, on-the-go, and in-store. This means that seeing is believing buying.

Scapic is building visual technology that brings products to life. Their Product Experience Management (PXM) suite is everything business needs to wow customers, drive sales and enable whole new segments such as Augmented Reality experiences.

Today, we buy more online than we ever have, but remain uncertain between what we add to our cart, to what shows up inside the box. Brands are already deploying AR to help bridge this and they bring a No-Code, Deep tech, SaaS platform in Scapic to fill a $550B market opportunity in eCommerce, product visualization and returns.

Scapic Founders- Sai Krishna & Ajay Ponna Venkatesh

The building industry suffers from an inefficient and ineffective design collaboration between architects, designers, their end-clients, and product manufacturers since the current methods and tools to help them understand and experience the design are inadequate. This leads to delays in decision-making, project time and cost overruns, and a gap between what clients expect from the design and what they ultimately get.

There is a need for a solution that allows all stakeholders to experience the design in an immersive, interactive and intuitive manner, thereby improving the design collaboration process and facilitating decision-making

Trezi is transforming the Design Experience for the Building Industry leveraging immersive technologies and its founded by husband wife duo Tithi Tewari & Gautam Tewari.

Integrates Augmented Reality (AR), Geo Fencing and Multimedia to enhance the visitor experience at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India in Phase 1, with gradual extension to work on a global mandate in Phase 2.

The Content is curated with support from key knowledge partners who are essentially a professional community from Cultural Heritage and Conservation domains.

The AR layer enables visitors to interact with relevant points of interest within the heritage sites. the experiences are to be made available in vernacular languages.

The platform builds on self-guided AR and Geo location-based heritage trails, which connects host communities directly to travelers, thereby building on their travel experience by focusing on authentic cultural environments, local arts, crafts, culinary delights, etc. This engagement further encourages travelers to buy local authentic products and services directly from the host communities, thereby facilitating evolution of a micro-level socio-economic ecosystem, promoting a ‘sustainable livelihood’ model. The community will also be trained to onboard their local products and services on Augtraveler's Curated Online Marketplace.

Founded by Pankaj Manchanda their vision is to Make ‘Culture’ Accessible to All!


Holo Pundits -

Founded by Vinod Dega HoloPundits is a team of professionals who are experts in immersive technologies. Started as an innovation center & now have emerged into a full-fledged extended reality company.

They strive hard to offer top-quality virtual and augmented reality content for client companies who wish to tell their story through immersive AR/VR experiences.

Holo pundits started their journey with a mission to be the global leader in immersive technology solutions education and enterprise markets. their goal is to offer enterprise and education solutions and to serve diverse industries.

Designmate India Pvt Ltd -

Designmate is a leading e-learning company, with over 27 years of expertise as a 3D production house developing creative e-learning content for K-12 curriculum. they pioneer in the use of graphics, animation and simulations to simplify concepts in General Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

The e-learning content they develop, called, is a unique combination of 3D videos, simulations, experiments, learning activities, quizzes, text, images, web links, and learning objects.

With, teachers can immerse their students in a fully interactive learning experience. This results in a comprehensive understanding and prolonged retention of otherwise complex and hard to remember concepts, thus dramatically improving the ability of students to learn. Each of the 1400+ Science topics it covers can be mapped to any country's curriculum through the use of professional English and native language voice-overs. is presently used in over 15000 schools across the globe, and is also available for individual use via. apps on App Store and Google Play. It has won several national and international awards, and was recently adjudged a WSIS +10 Global Champion by WSA, making it the best e-learning product of the decade

XR labs is an Industry focused AR,VR,Ai and IoT company based out of Chennai, India.

Founded two years ago by two mechanical engineering graduates Srivatsan Jaysankar & Thirukumaran Saravanan, XR Labs today is a 20 member team of passionate and enthusiastic Engineers, Designers and Artists, and over 30 clients including various Fortune 500 companies around the world.

Solutions cater to the Training, Inspection Maintenance & Service and Sales & Marketing Pipeline of Industrial Enterprises

Founded by Adhvith Dhuddu

AliveNow is a global creative tech studio building immersive experiences across augmented reality, branded games, messenger bots, interactive videos and more.

Collaborated with 600+ brands and 250+ agencies globally since founding in 2009.

The are the Official AR partners with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, 8th Wall & TikTok.


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