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New Augmented Reality Glasses - Announced at Snap Partner Summit last Night

#Snapchat just showed off its long rumored augmented reality-enabled #Spectacles. The latest glasses are the fourth iteration of Spectacles, but the first to have augmented reality features built in. CEO Evan Spiegel unveiled the new glasses at the company’s annual Partner Summit event, saying they now have the ability to “realistically ground digital objects in the physical world.”

Shares of Snap closed up more than 5% on Thursday after the company’s Snap Partner Summit.

The new glasses allow users to see computer-generated imagery overlaid on their field of view in the real world. The Spectacles weighs 134g, has a touchpad, 2000 Nits Brightness ,3D Waveguide Displays with 2 RGB Cameras & 4 Microphones

Fully integrated with Lens Studio, Spectacles enable creators to build and interact with their Lenses in real time, tapping into Snap’s expansive AR ecosystem.

Users can also give audio commands to the device by saying, “Hey Snapchat”.

The new Spectacles are equipped with 30 minutes of battery life

It is Powered by their Snap Spatial Engine, which leverages six degrees of freedom, hand, marker, and surface tracking, Spectacles realistically bring your creations to life. With 15 millisecond motion to photon latency, Lenses are grounded in the physical world.

At 134 grams, you can bring Snap’s world of augmented reality anywhere for boundless creativity and exploration. You can easily share the experience with your friends right from Spectacles.

#Snap CEO #EvanSpiegel said the devices are already in the hands of a select group of creators. The company is offering the device to more creators.

Watch the trailer here


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