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IIT Madras Launches Consortium of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality

The Indian Institute of Technology #iitMadras has launched a consortium for #virtualreality called ‘Consortium for VR/AR/MR Engineering Mission in India’ #CAVE. The main objective of this consortium is to enable members to create new advanced technologies and applications in VR, #augmentedreality, #mixedreality and haptics together.

The CAVE’s mission is to promote engineering of #extendedreality and #haptic #technology development, the institute stated. The consortium aims to become a resource for industry, academia, consumers, and policymakers interested in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, says IIT Madras.

The key outcomes envisaged from CAVE include developing #indigenous #VR #AR #MR and haptics hardware and software, setting up ‘VR Superhighway’ or ‘VR Corridor’ where many start-ups and industries would work together. It also aims to promote VR skill training and offer courses to bridge the gap between the global MR and haptic needs.

“As MR is highly interdisciplinary, innovations in this field need a confluence of minds from different fields. While most of the research labs around the world are focusing on either the computer science aspect of VR or the robotics aspect of VR, the centre at IIT Madras is focusing on the fundamentals of VR - perception and illusion.

Haptics is the future of VR systems, and all interactions in future VR will be engineered with our understanding of Haptics," IIT Madras said.

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