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Facebook's Testing Ad's Inside Virtual Reality Plus Published a New Report On the XR Biz Opportunity

Eddie Avil-

#augmentedreality #virtualreality is fast becoming affordable, accessible & profitable for the businesses, early adopters of this technology, we are still a few years away from mass adoption but it looks inevitable with the explosive growth of this technology.

Just 4/5 yrs back #facebook virtual reality headset Oculus Rift with the computer used to cost around 3000$ , last year facebook launched #oculusquest2 which was priced at 299$.

An untethered HMD, with 10* performance improvement plus a 10* cost reduction.

Facebook is also working on Augmented Reality Glasses and their prototype "Project Aria" is being tested as they don't want to make the same mistakes made by #google & their failed AR Google Glasses.

Huge opportunities have opened In a short span of time for businesses & individuals leveraging the potential of Immersive technologies and that's why Facebook has released a new report titled "AR/VR- New Dimension of Connections"

The report outlines the key elements driving the next stage of AR/VR development, and where each is headed based on usage trends, Facebook claims that 75% of all business owners are expected to be utilizing AR and VR technology in the next two years, while global spending on AR and VR is set to rise 6x.

You can read Facebook's full "AR/VR: New dimensions of connection" report here.

Facebook also recently announced that it will begin testing advertisements that will appear within the company’s Oculus virtual reality headsets. The Oculus headset ads will first appear in the shooter game Blaston from Resolution Games. Ads will also begin appearing in two other Oculus apps over the coming weeks.

What does this mean for Brands, Advertisers & Consumers: So far traditional mediums such as Print, Tv, Radio, Digital/Mobile,Social media have been very difficult to provide foolproof engagement analytics.

This is an area Ad Agencies/Brands are desperately trying to Innovate.

Smart phones are clearly loosing its utility and innovation seemed to have stopped concerning mobiles.

Apple, Facebook, Microsoft,Samsung & almost all the tech behemoths understand this problem and are working on building the next Gen device, something that could be as ubiquitous as mobiles but ready to converge with AI,Spatial Web,5G,IoT & all exponential tech seamlessly.

Enter- Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality Glasses..... Devices that will eventually converge your mobile & computer into a single head wearable device.

In that world which is give or take a decade from now or less advertisers/brands will be able to create personalised unobtrusive experience for their users, know the exact duration of engagement.

what was the user looking long & much more due to eye tracking.

Infact with augmented reality the entire world will be a screen, Advertisers will be able to anchor digital content [Audio/Video] on any physical locations......i can already see Advertisers/Brands Doing backflips in excitement.

This feature is sure as hell going to make our world further weird.

In a world overloaded with Content & Dwindling Attention this will be another layer/tool for advertisers to monetise.

privacy, moral ethical questions are bound to arise......But what the heck we all know the only concern for Brands & Advertisers have always been & will be "PROFIT AT ANY COST".....So for Consumers this means "Death of Privacy", the only saviour here would be #blockchain

[ will leave the blockchain bit for another article]

Dystopian or Utopian we will have to wait and see.....I am up for the ride.....Are you?

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