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XR- India Summit- A Metaverse, Web 3.0 Movement

We have been vested in Immersive technologies since early 2015 and understood the barrier for mass adoption in #india was education, the question that interested me most was " How could India the 2nd largest country in the world, Its people & businesses benefit by extended reality & what role would XR play in democratizing healthcare & the education industry".

so we took it upon ourselves to be the platform that would work towards raising awareness, educating, evangelizing, engaging , empowering India's AR/VR/MR Industry.

we founded XROM - Home of Extended Reality an XR focussed e-zine, marketplace and India's 1st AR/VR #metaverse focussed #podcast XROM

In 2019 we organized IMMERSION- India's first & largest Virtual Reality Conference at the Nehru Science Center- Worli Mumbai, spread over two days the event witnessed 1000+ #augmentedreality #virtualreality #mixedreality enthusiasts, developers, startups, students, enterprise, brands as well as investors.

We gathered 45+ speakers & curated panel discussions addressing all business verticals that could benefit from #extendedreality ,

workshops for enterprise as well as the students/developer community.

we created an experience zone where we showcased entertainment, socially impactful as well as immersive gaming experiences which was very well received, the event was supported/sponsored by #intel #dell and brands in attendance were #facebook now #meta , #google, #jio , #Accenture & some of the top Indian immersive tech startups.

IMMERSION is being called "The Flagship IP for Virtual Reality In India" by leaders in the field.

#covid not just delayed the 2nd Edition of IMMERSION FEST but also highlighted the growing convergence of technology & it wasn't a well understood area.

So again we took it upon ourselves to highlight the convergence of #exponentialtechnologies & the opportunity it presents by founding "The ONES Changing The WORLD" India's 1st #futuretech meets #sustainability #podcast

we have interviewed 180+ leaders fronting #ai #geneticediting #quantumcomputing #web3 #metaverse #cleanenergy #autonomousvehicles #3dprinting #agereversal #precisionmedicine #sustainability to every other frontier tech stack that will bring applications akin to magic .

We are firm believers of the convergence and understand that #metaverse & #web3 cannot exist independently & that is why we are very happy to announce that we are organizing

XR- INDIA SUMMIT- A Metaverse , Web 3.0 Movement - March 24th/25th.

Our intent is to turn it into the largest gathering of the Metaverse, Web 3.0 Stakeholders, enthusiasts & believers under one roof & we cannot do this without your support.

If you are a #metaverse #blockchain developer, content creator , startup, enterprise, academia, investor , advertisor , marketeer or from the government that wants to understand, learn or partner then pls reach out- Eddie Avil

If you would like to sponsor, speak, support or be our media/tech partners then do connect with us.

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