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Top 50 Asian Virtual Reality-Augmented Reality Leaders,Evangelists, Investors & Influencers

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Written By: Eddie Avil

Over the years i have seen a few lists of Top 50 XR Influencers, but the curators of those list always overlooked China/India/Asia's XR Industry.

Just for Context the worlds current population is 7 Billion, India & China's Collective population is 2.7 Billion & mind you i haven't added the overall population of #asia.......Ignore us at your own risk #facebook #microsoft & the curators of those lists.

China’s XR Industry has been growing rapidly and so is India’s, In the year 2015 India had under 10 XR Startups, today we have over 2000 XR focussed Startups in the Country.

China-India & the other Asian Nations have some really interesting #augmentedreality #virtualreality #mixedreality #startups Innovating across Hardware, Software & Content.

Creating a list of #top50 #extendedreality Leaders from Asia/Asian Origin wasn’t a tit for tat response but a genuine desire to showcase the diverse & hardworking XR Entrepreneurs, Startups, Evangelists & Investors who the world should know.

There are so many great XR entrepreneurs, startups of Asian Origin that it is impossible to make a single 50 Best list, will try and curate a quarterly list of the Top 50 Asian XR leaders,

If you believe you deserve to be on the list then do dm me your profile on LinkedIn and will be a pleasure to mention you on the 2nd list.

More Power, Success & Funding Support to the Asian XR Ecosystem.

Ambarish Mitra is the CEO and co-Founder of #Blippar one of the first billion dollar “Augmented Reality” Startup from India, being a pioneer, early mover brings its own pro’s & lots of Con’s.

Blippar was reportedly worth $1.5 billion before it fell into administration in 2018 after an investor dispute prevented it from raising emergency funding. The startup was rescued from bankruptcy by existing backer Candy Ventures in 2019.

They have recently raise 5 million & have come back leaner, more focussed and better than ever before.

2- Chi Xu

Xu Chi, the CEO and co-founder of #Nreal, a trending mixed reality (MR) start-up. Nreal is one of the most popular companies in the field, having won over several well-known investors like Qualcomm, short video app Kuaishou, video streaming app iQiyi, and GP Capital.

Most people know Xu due to his dispute with American virtual reality company Magic Leap. In June 2019, Magic Leap accused Xu of stealing AR glasses technology when he was an engineer working at the firm. However, in June 2020, a U.S. federal court threw out the case as #MagicLeap failed to make any viable claim

Co-founder & CEO of #VeeR, A leading VR entertainment company with the mission of bringing cinematic VR content to the mass audience.

Founded in 2016, VeeR is a leading VR entertainment platform available worldwide, across all major VR headsets, web, and mobile. VeeR acquires, produces, and distributes best-in-class immersive stories and light-weight interactive experiences.

VeeR has opened more than 5 VR cinemas and has plans to expand to more locations in China by 2020.

Ceo-Founder Tesseract/#Jio Glass

Kshitij Marwah is a Forbes 30 Under 30 and MIT Technology Review Most Innovator Under The Age of 35. A graduate of the MIT Media Lab, he runs Tesseract Inc. – a MIT spin-off with the aim of democratizing Mixed Reality into the masses. Prior to Tesseract, he was leading the MIT Media Lab India Initiative – with the aim of creating a design led platform in India for innovation. He has been covered across Forbes, USA Today, MIT Tech Review, TED and has numerous patents and publications to his name

Is Founder CEO of consulting company Global Mindset focused on leveraging globalisation & digitisation for Learning & Working. He has a special interest and focus on emerging technologies including #VR #AR #MR #AI

Pradeep has been a leader for IBM GBS Australia and New Zealand (A/NZ), He has over 30 years of executive & management experience across a number of industries. He is an Adjunct Professor/Visiting Faculty at number of institutions in Australia, Singapore & India. Pradeep is a speaker and Executive Director, Asia Pacific driving the ecosystem for #VRARA in Asia pacific

Chaitanya has had a multi-faceted career in the Indian Film & CreativeArtsIndustry for over 17 years .

For the past 13 years, he has been a part of the leadership team and currently serves as the Vice President, Business Head, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Emerging Media of the #WhistlingWoods.

He heads the institute’s efforts to evangelize its education by incorporating emerging technologies & platforms, through development labs setup in partnership with global technology giants.

Alvin is the China President at #HTC leading all aspects of HTC’s business in the region (Vive/VR, phone, Viveport content platform, partnerships and investments). He is also currently Vice-Chairman of the Industry of Virtual Reality Alliance ( with 300+ company members, President of the $18B Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance ( and oversees the Vive X VR Accelerators ( in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tel Aviv. Mr. Graylin is a sought after speaker and thought leader in the areas of VR/AR, AI, Entrepreneurship, and doing business in China by events and media globally.

Eddie is the founder and CEO of #SandmanStudios, a VR creative studio based in Beijing that produce premium and experimental VR experiences. Sandman Studios’ recent work “Free Whale” and “Fresh Out” are officially selected by 74th and 75th Venice Film Festival VR Competition. Eddie is also the founder and director of Sandbox Immersive Festival, China’s first VR/immersive media festival which the well acclaimed first edition was held in June in the city of Qingdao. Eddie also worked as an advisor and mentor for a number of AR/VR companies and related institutions such as Greenlight Insight, Beijing Film Academy, Beijing International Film Festival etc. Eddie held degrees from Imperial College London, University of the Arts London and London Business School. Prior to joining VR industry, Eddie has been working as business strategist and consultant for APEC China Business Council,, iResearch and Accenture.

Eddie has Dir/Prod India’s 1st Award Winning- Stereoscopic VR Short Film-CRACKLE.

He is the Founder of Immersion- India’s 1st & largest AR/VR Conference plus the Founder of #XROM an AR/VR News website plus a B2B2C Marketplace which has the largest inventory of XR Products to Buy,Sell or Rent.

He also Hosts XROM the 1st of its kind AR/VR focussed #Podcast from India.

Ceo & Founder of Bigscreen one of the biggest VR platforms in the world, with millions of users on popular VR headsets.

#BigscreenVR has partnered with many of the major movie studios including Paramount Pictures and Funimation (Sony Pictures). Bigscreen distributes blockbuster 3D movies in VR, creating a unique social and immersive movie watching experience that's not possible without VR.

Bigscreen has raised $14 million in funding from top Silicon Valley VCs, Andreessen Horowitz & True Ventures.

Anand Agarawala is co-founder and CEO of #Spatial, the leading VR/AR collaboration app that turns any room into a 3D workspace, Like a 3D version of Zoom and Slack.

Spatial is used by Fortune 1000’s like Mattel, Pfizer, Ford, was a Quest 2 and HoloLens 2 keynote launch partner and is the most venture funded company in the space.

Mr. Agarawala is an entrepreneur, product designer and engineer who has been on the forefront of 3D technology for the past decade. Prior to Spatial, he founded BumpTop, a pioneering 3D, multi-touch, physics desktop interface inspired by real desks that he presented at TED. The company was later acquired by Google in 2010.

Tipatat Chennavasin Is General Partner of the Venture Reality Fund investing in early stage VR, AR, AI and 5G companies.

He has experience creating VR/AR content and is an adviser/mentor for many VR and AR companies, incubators and accelerators around the world. The Venture Reality Fund has looked at over 5,000 startups in the space and invested in 40, including Beat Games, acquired by Facebook, and Rec Room, the first VR software Unicorn. Learn more about what it means to be a creative in the VC world

Amitt Mahajan is a serial technology entrepreneur and investor who has invested in AR/VR Startups such as Baobab Studios, Escher Reality, Scope AR, Wave VR,Osso VR,BigsreenVR, Sandbox, Varjo and many others. Prior to Presence Capital, he was the founder and CTO of MyMiniLife (acquired by Zynga) and the founder and CEO of Toro (acquired by Google). While at Zynga, he co-created the game FarmVille and served as the CTO of Zynga Japan. Before his entrepreneurial work, Mahajan was an engineer at Epic Games on the Unreal Engine and Gears of War.

Kai holds several International Business director positions in VR educational companies and VR, AR hardware companies. He has been leading VR K12 education deployments, and is currently the commercial director of #MELscience, International business director of Growlib Beijing, European managing director of Shadow Creator as well as co-founder of Smart Stone Technologies in Australia.

Before playing a leading role in XR industries, Kai was the VP of Dimenco and essentially closed all the biggest deals in the world for Auto-stereoscopic 3D industry in the world for 5 years. He still runs some of the most significant deals for glasses-free 3D community to date.

Founder CEO of #JaduAR he is working on Building the future of musical experiences with Augmented Reality.

Asad J. Malik is of the view that the further development of virtual/augmented realities, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, gene editing and neuroscience will significantly alter the human condition in our lifetime, His studio 1RIC carved out a pioneering position in the AR for storytelling space when his immigration focused Hololens project Terminal 3 premiered to critical acclaim in 2018. It was called “the most intense AR experience” by Fast Company.

he was recently awarded Forbes 30 under 30 for his outstanding work in the field of AR/VR, Malik's now working with Verizon to build educational AR experiences with 5G and his AR app Jadu turns TikTok stars and musicians into holograms.

Has been at the forefront when it comes to XR, earlier he was VP, Platform Strategy & Dev Community at #HTC and is currently working at Facebook Reality labs.

Vinay has a passion for defining vision and building teams for products that drive impact.

He is the host of #XRSEAPOD, an XR and Leadership podcast, and a Board member and Advisor for various VR and AR companies. As a customer-focused product strategist, he oversees platform strategies that unify the product category for emerging technologies. He's always looking at how to scale teams to build the products to solve tomorrow's problems. Vinay is very active in the XR community, including board advisory, keynote speaker, and strategy guide.

Helen Situ is currently working on a new company. Previously she was one of the first employees at NextVR (acquired by Apple), a virtual reality company focused on live entertainment across music and sports. While there, she led the launch of the company's Gear VR software application, drove social media strategy, and worked closely with partners like Oculus and the NBA. Situ founded Virtual Reality Pop, the #1 publication on immersive technology with over 37,000 subscribers. Helen has spoken at industry conferences such as Games Developers Conference, Comic-Con, Slush, World News Media Congress, BroadwayCon and has been featured by USA Today, Voices of VR, and Yahoo Tech

Co-Founder #XRDiversity, Nina is an award-winning filmmaker and XR Creative, Producer & Consultant. She has worked in the XR space since 2015. She is one of the co-founders of the Women in VR meet up group, an XR journalist for two and half years, and has worked on creating, developing, and using immersive technologies for various companies and brands. She is currently working on bringing VR into UK prisons, executing UK immersive events, and working on her own VR film

is the founder CEO at Genies , Akash has a different vision of what digital avatars can be, His company works with celebrities like Cardi B and J Balvin and has several high-profile billionaire investors.

#Genies is an avatar technology company. Genies has created the most intelligent and dynamic avatars on the market, setting the foundation for swift, widespread adaptation of avatars in society, business, and culture. With its Avatar and Digital Goods SDK, Genies enables brands to drive engagement and sell exclusive digital goods on their platforms

Renji Bijoy is the founder of #Immersed, a startup company that creates virtual reality workspaces for remote teams, he was recently featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

Immersed was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is able to live wherever/however they want without the constraints of the physical office is fundamentally more freeing than one where we are not.

Today, Immersed is actively developing the technologies to remove the barriers of remote work in order to empower productivity, with the ultimate goal of restructuring civilization to be more efficient, and thus, more enjoyable.

Kirin Sinha is the co-founder and CEO of #Illumix, a company building an AR-first mobile gaming platform.

Illumix is an integrated gaming and technology studio transforming the future of mixed reality gaming. With backing from Lightspeed, Maveron, and other top technology and media investors including Michael Bay’s Media 451 Group, Illumix is building category defining AR mobile games

The Illumix team has already found a lot of success with their first title, Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery.

XR Specialist, Speaker and Tech Enthusiast. Business Head at #Veerflow Media.

Media and advertising professional with 14 plus years of experience in diverse media fields which span across(Digital AR | VR , Print, Radio, and Events).

An experienced integrated marketing service professional with a learned expertise in engaging decision makers and devising winning sales strategies and solutions.

Kathryn is a game designer & XR developer bridging UX, augmented & virtual reality, games, and immersive theatre. She’s an MFA student at USC Games and the Executive Editor at “No Proscenium: The Guide to Everything Immersive.” Kathryn is also a co-founder of #HERE, a non-profit dedicated to the development of immersive & experiential artists and audiences, and the associated HERE Summit & Festival.

Designer, Director and Researcher, #Keiichi is best known for his dystopian video “Hyper-reality.” He has demonstrated even more original (and less scary) ideas for AR interaction while directing UX design at Leap Motion. He served as design director for consumer experience at Microsoft mixed reality, before establishing his own design consultancy earlier this year.

Recognized as India's 10 most influential thought leaders in Immersive technologies.

Pankaj Raut is currently the board member and active CEO of AjnaLens (Dimension NXG), a leading AI-powered Mixed Reality company serving the Defence, Fortune 100 clients across Asia, Europe and America.

His work has received various International Awards:

CEO and Chairwoman of #HTCVIVE

Cher Wang has an enviable record in the electronics industry. Her remarkable insight into technology trends and entrepreneurship has enabled her to establish a number of highly successful IT-related businesses

She has Masters in Economics, University of California, Berkeley.

Co-Founder and Chairman, HTC Corporation, and CEO of HTC Member of the Board, adviser to and angel investor in numerous IT-related companies. Former representative for Chinese Taipei, APEC Business Advisory Council. Named as Innovator in Stars of Asia: 25 Leaders on the Forefront of Change, Business Week

Ex Qualcomm- #Fb

Hiren Bhinde was the Director of Product Management for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. where he lead the expansion of Qualcomm’s virtual reality and augmented reality programs

Hiren was a critical member of the #Qualcomm Android team collaborating with Google launching the first Android and Nexus devices, helped commercialize hundreds of unique Android devices in China, India and Southeast Asia, and developed on-device video playback and streaming tools.

he is Currently the product Manager at Facebook

Is the Founder-Ceo of #HoloSuit a full body motion tracking suit with haptic feedback

He has over 18 years of experience and 44 patents related to building eXtended Reality motion capture suits, aerial and ground robots with expertise in drones, motion planning, localization and mapping, mobile manipulation, computer vision, sensor fusion, machine learning, He did pioneering research at Microsoft Robotics in USA building robots which could learn by demonstration

Is a Creative Technologist,Virtual Reality Filmmaker, Immersive Media Incubators Govt. Advisory

And the author of two books: "Think in 3D", for Directors and 3D Filmakers. The book is peer reviewed, by Hollywoods top Directors of 3D and late 3D film historian, Ray Zone.

#Thinkin3D is also part of recommended reading syllabus for the Univ of Southern Calif Immersive courses.

Founder & Ceo at Roomera Inc

#Roomera provides a virtual reality platform that helps people see and test the future together so they can make better decisions today. The solution enables companies to test new experience concepts to accelerate key insights before making big investments.

he has given a very interring TedX talk- click the link to check it out

Is an Academician | Eduventor | TEDx Speaker | Author | Design Thinker, & is the first person to introduce virtual reality in academics in India.

He has successfully introduced a positive change in teaching practises by introducing world-class teaching experiences such as Flipped Classroom and Design Thinking for Mobile Learning teachers, Digital Learning, Social Media Learning by winning 6 World Records, 15 National Awards, and 5 Global Awards for the timely introduction of EdTech Innovation & has won Limca Book of Record 2019 for his experiential Research in Virtual Reality Induction for MBA students.

Is the founder of #ImmersiveInsiders & he helps professionals to be part of and grow in the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry. Whether you want to learn to create your own XR applications or you have a business and need expert advice.

Dinesh teaches AR/VR creation on his YouTube channel and with in-depth step by step courses on his XR education platform: immersive insiders. his goal is to make immersive insiders the ultimate platform for XR education on a global scale.

Tech investor at #MatrixPartners ; Former Director of Strategy and Investment at JD.COM and Baidu; VR/AR investor at HTC Vive

Sean is an Active AI/VR/AR investor and researcher. Experienced in Artificial Intelligence's business applications in various industries. Passionate about VR/AR storytelling and interactive experience. Have done speeches on various topics related to AI/VR/AR and Chinese market.

Matrix Partners works with visionary founders of early-stage startups to amplify their potential. Our general partners blend deep experience with personal commitment to support founders from start to success. Recent Matrix investments include Oculus VR, Zendesk, Hubspot, Acacia Communications, Polyvore, Lever, Poynt and Namely

Nick Cherukuri is the Founder and CEO of #ThirdEye, a leader in Mixed Reality for enterprise, providing an all-in-one (hardware and software) solution for all industries.

Nick started an AR/VR club that quickly grew to several hundred participants. ​Using his combination of that experience and bringing in talented engineers, Nick created ThirdEye.

He is an established leader in Augmented and Mixed Reality with multiple patents published in this field. He has also given many main stage and panel talks about 5G and AR/MR .

Nick has extensive leadership and technical experience in AR/MR and how 5G will impact AR/MR for the consumer and commercial spaces and was recently featured on the forbes 30 under 30 list.

Dir of Content & Biz Operations- Digital Domain

Jimmy Cheng was the acquisition and licensing of immersive / interactive XR content as Director of Content / Business Operations at Iconic Engine.

He Currently is the Director of Content & business operations and #DigitalDomain,

He brings the experience in content management, production and strategic planning, expertise in corporate operation and restructuring, New Media projects and focus on the acquisition and distribution of XR content. with representing over 170 XR studios and engage with over 10 global telecoms for finding suitable licensing opportunities for Immersive Content.

Founder and Managing Director, #SmartVizX | Co-Creator, #Trezi

SmartVizs Private Limited (“SmartVizX”) aims to transform traditional, passive and static design visualization, communication and collaboration methodologies in the building industry.

Trezi’s mission is to become the leading immersive design collaboration platform for the building industry that brings together all stakeholders in the design project—from architect, designer and building product manufacturer/supplier to engineering service consultants, developers and owners/tenants.

Tech Evangelist at Epic Games (India/ASEAN)

Arvind Neelakantan was earlier part of Unity India & was instrumental in the adoption and growth of the company's solutions across product verticals. Arvind particularly specializes in enabling film/animation studios around the world to harness the power of real-time rendering.

He served as Disney India's lead software architect and was responsible for driving innovation through research and development activities and oversaw interactive content development.

He is Currently the Tech Evangelist at #UnrealEngine- Epic Games.

Founder of iBoson Innovations

#iBoson is one of the top augmented reality companies in India which has pioneered in creating customized augmented reality solutions for unique business needs. As an R&D focused information technology start-up specializing in augmented reality and advanced proprietary computer vision, we have launched two products in the market. UniteAR, a SaaS platform to create white-labeled AR apps, WebAR plugins, and AR experiences without any coding skills, and the second one, XRmeet, a zero-code SaaS platform for self-service in installation, maintenance and remote assistance, and object detection using AR

CEO at Gamitronics. Celebrating 25 yrs in games. Pioneering work in VR/AR (2006-), AI, iGaming and video game industry

#Gamitronics was founded to advance the growth of VR/AR and use extensive knowledge of AI and robotics to build affordable Smart Toys for everyone

Creator of #1 game on Mobile and top 10 on PlayStation. Location-Based Entertainment content partner (Dark Media and VR). Advisor for Betting & Gaming vertical in Samsung Harman. Worked on VR experiences for AAA titles like Resident Evil, Battlefield, Gears of War, Final Fantasy, Hack Attack etc. and own sports VR IP.

A veteran in video games, serious games, and simulation industry. Expert level in AI and especially conversational AI and F2P games.

Developed games which clocked over 60M downloads.

Working on multiple VR theme park projects across the globe.

Sealed AAA titles licenses to develop VR experiences around them

Created India's first global PS3 game Smash 'N' Survive(top-selling driving game chart on PSN).

Co-Founder & CEO, #SuperWorld, The Virtual World in Augmented Reality; Co-Founder, Rogue Initiative Studios

Hrish’s experience has spanned Wall Street, Silicon Valley Hollywood, and working internationally.

SuperWorld is the Virtual World in augmented reality mapped onto the real world allowing users to create, discover and monetize content in AR. SuperWorld's virtual real estate platform allows users to buy virtual plots of land anywhere in the world, share in revenue generated by user activity and become a key stakeholder on their platform.

SuperWorld’s mobile app allows users and brands to personalize the real world by adding anything anywhere in augmented reality with interactive 3D objects, photos, videos, audio, and texts, and share the AR experience with their followers.

Biren Ghose is the Country Head in India for #Technicolor, a US $5 billion global arts and sciences leader. The company has a wide array of media businesses including animation & VFX for the entertainment industry. He is an acknowledged industry voice in Indian government policy formulation & advancing digital arts education. His vision is to make visual communications & the arts an agent of change in community development and social economic upliftment of India and its constituents parts - he is also passionate about bringing more women into India's burgeoning abilities in VFX Games and Animation.

Biren has been responsible for building up the India studio which at 11X its size since Biren came on board. During his tenure India is a primary hub for Technicolor’s production services artist pool. The portfolio is driven is being enhanced new technology with AR/VR, virtual production, etc. becoming ubiquitous. The group now has over 5000 artists

Is the Founder-Ceo of #alivenow is a global digital creative tech studio

building experiences in AR, VR, Interactive Videos, Swipe Up Games, Newsfeed SmartApps

Messenger bots and much more. We are preferred partners for over 150 agencies

and 500 brands globally and pride ourselves for building innovative experiences at the

intersection of marketing and technology.

We are official Spark AR partners with Facebook & Instagram, official Lens Creative

Partners with Snapchat and official Web AR partners with 8th Wall

He is also an Early investor & largest shareholder in California Burrito, India's biggest Mexican restaurant chain with presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi/NCR

43-Dillon Seo- Co-Founder #Oculus

Entrepreneur / Investor / Tech Enthusiast / VR Pioneer

Dillon Seo is the Country Manager for #DTCP

DTCP is an investment management group with $1.7 billion of assets under management and advisory from Deutsche Telekom and other institutional investors, and a portfolio of over 60 companies. The group is dedicated to providing venture and growth capital, private equity investments, and advisory services. DTCP operates and invests in Europe, the US and Israel. DTCP recently established its presence in Seoul, Korea to search for various partnerships in both investments and advisory services not only in Korea but also in Asia.

Vice President, Head of AR/VR/Game ("Metaverse CO") at #SKTelecom

Jinsoo is the Vice President, Head of Metaverse Company in SK Telecom, in charge of AR/VR, Game Business & Service with AR/VR inhouse development group.

Augmented reality, Virtual reality service, Cloud Gaming business. Key services are Jump AR and Jump VR. Operating Jump Studio, Mixed Reality Capture Studio for creating Volumetric contents. XBOX Game, xCloud (XBOX Cloud Game)

She has 22 years of Biz, 30 years of software developers, 10 years of AR/VR biz & also a Speaker at XR Events around the globe

Advisor,Mentor, Entrepreneur & Visiting Partner at Y Combinator

Diana currently advises startups and invests in some of them, while tinkering with engineering projects.

Previously she was the Co-founder and CTO of #EscherReality, an AR startup acquired by Niantic .

At #Niantic Diana was the head of the AR platform where she scaled Niantic's AR team by 5x in 2 years.

She studied engineering at Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on machine learning and computer vision.

46- Hugh Hou

Hugh Hou is a Co-Founder and Creative Director for #CreatorUp, a digital media education company and production studio. He heads up immersive media content creation and has produced VR content for numerous companies and organizations such as Samsung, the Special Olympics, Google, Oculus, MasterCard, Twitter, TikTok, RedBull Music, LACOSTE, Huawei, and the Los Angeles Police Department.

He also directs and produces Mixed Reality music videos. He worked with musical artists such as I Prevail, Joyner Lucas, Cypress Hill, and SHAED.

When not producing original VR videos & films, Hugh dedicates his time to sharing his vast expertise in immersive technologies and VR filmmaking on the CreatorUp YouTube channel. He truly believes that by sharing freely with the world through YouTube, mentoring and consulting, more creators will join the immersive media family.

Hugh’s goal is to help the VR industry thrive and to improve the quality of VR filmmaking

Founder & Ceo - veative Labs

Ankur has a passion for starting and growing companies to solve real-world problems. Over the last four years, Ankur has built #VeativeLabs, that offers immersive technology solutions for enterprise and education. These solutions have shown an incredible ability to educate, train, and solve real-world problems. This augments the performance of individuals and improves their grasp of technically challenging concepts, enabling them to work better, smarter and safer.

In classrooms, Veative's solutions are being utilized to engage learners with abstract concepts, bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding and providing better engagement and retention of information.

In enterprises, Veative's solutions uphold the promise of workforce transformation, making work lives easier, less stressful, and safer.

is a computer engineer and executive for computer graphics hardware. He is currently the chief architect and senior vice president of #Intel's architecture, graphics and software (IAGS) division. Before Intel, he worked as the senior vice president and chief architect of the Radeon Technologies Group, the graphics division at Intel's competitor #AMD.

Koduri is an investor and advisor at Makuta VFX, an Indian Visual effects company that had an impact on raising the visual effects quality in Indian cinema with award-winning and successful films like Eega, Baahubali 1&2

he has also played a pivotal role in creating India’s 1st Virtual Reality Experience for the Making of Baahubali.

Design Technologist - BIM, Digital Twins, VR/AR Speaker Designated Specialist @ #Autodesk

Viveka Devadas is a Design Technologist and Designated Specialist for AEC/VR products at Autodesk who helps customers adopt advanced visualizations and Extended Reality VR/AR/MR solutions into their everyday design workflows.

She is a trusted advisor for enterprise priority customers and helps in minimizing downtime by troubleshooting specific issues. She networks with students, architects, designers, the global Autodesk product team, and the Revit community worldwide through Autodesk’s social media accounts,

she continues to explore design challenges that are innovative, environment-friendly and cost-effective that constantly evolve how we connect globally, 24x7, with people, information, data and experiences

HTC Co-Founder & Ceo XR Space

#XRSPACE is a company pioneering the next generation of social reality through XR, starting with VR and its own VR headset - The XRSPACE MANOVA headset, and virtual reality world - the XRSPACE MANOVA world. It seeks to change how people connect, work, and play - bringing people closer together without the limitations of physical boundaries.

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