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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Written by : Eddie Avil

#Covid has certainly accelerated the adoption of extended reality, we are seeing interesting tractions for #extendedreality in almost all industries.

Then there is the Hype around #Metaverse, which is both promising & scary

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee who laid the foundation of internet had visioned it as a decentralised & open platform, but unfortunately today it’s a walled garden with gatekeepers such as #Facebook #Google & others sprouting more & more paywalls.

We have an opportunity to correct the wrongs and build the next computing platform into a #decentralised, open, collaborative, inclusive & human first.

"The Choice we make today will shape our tomorrow- Choose wisely"

Indian Institute of Technology Madras launched the country’s first Consortium for Virtual Reality called ‘Consortium for VR/AR/MR Engineering Mission in India’.

If you are a startup then do join the Consortium by clicking the link below

And Dont forget to subscribe to XROM- India’s 1st AR/VR Focussed Podcast

Pls find below the III cohort of Awesome, Augmented Reality , Virtual Reality Startups from India building great, products, services & solutions.

1- Fanisko- Is a Digital Fan Engagement & Analytics sports company that helps sports organizations connect fans and sponsors, accelerate digital revenue growth and unlock new revenue streams through sponsor activations, commerce, & NFTs.

Fanisko offers a B2B plug and play platform solution that helps sports organizations to

- Identify high value fans through data driven outreach campaigns

- Engage them wherever they are and whatever they use

- Retain them with personalized interactive digital experiences through Gamification, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality

- Monetize them through sponsor activation and commerce.

2- FirebirdVR- Is a company focused on XR content and solutions, a team of 14 with a vision to be a Global Leader in immersive technology across multiple sectors .

Currently focused on GuruVR a platform for for Higher education.

They have also introduced #VR #AR courses and their goal is to train 40,000 students and professionals in VR AR domain .

FirebirdVR is also exploring thier own XR hardware.

2020 they developed XRBank - banking and wealth management through Immersive Tech &

XRetail - which has Vear and XRRe under its umbrella .

With a product approach delivering XRAsAService (XRaaS).

They have recently signed MoUs with leading Engineering institutes in Maharashtra and Odisha & were shortlisted in MSINS top 100 startups in august out of 2000+ applications.

3- Green Rain- Is a real-time technology studio. Their mission is to use Epic’s #UnrealEngine and real-time workflows to educate and empower India’s creative artists, technologists, and programmers across media & entertainment, enterprise applications, and immersive experiences.

Green Rain is a team driven by high-quality execution and innovative problem-solving. With over 40 years of cumulative Unreal engine experience that spans across programming in C++ to rendering final pixels. This combined with a synergistic relationship based approach in working with customers and partners is a catalyst in transitioning organizations to real-time technologies.

Green Rain is excited to be India’s first Unreal Authorized Training Center who have already trained 40+ studios to help them begin their real-time journeys

4- Irusu Technologies- Are the leading company in providing the best VR headsets based on the Google cardboard version.

Being the first VR company in India, Irusu strongly believes in Research and Development, with constant innovation in the fields of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality solutions.

Irusus also provide corporate bulk orders and help schools; universities help set up virtual reality labs, VR/AR/XR lab setup and courses, and AR/VR app development with cutting-edge technologies.

5- PlugXR, Inc. is an Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual reality (VR)/ Mixed Reality (MR) Silicon Valley start-up with headquarters based in Sunnyvale, California (USA), Sales Department in Sweden, and R&D Centre in Hyderabad (India).

PlugXR aims to accelerate and expand the XR market for everyone with ZERO Coding & Dependency to create & publish XR Apps in minutes while supporting the XR Ecosystem. they are on course to enable 3 million+ XR users across industries by late 2023.

6- Practically- Is an intelligent, interactive and immersive learning app for students of classes 6-12 with a focus on #STEM learning. It is the only experiential learning app that brings learning alive through immersive videos, interactive augmented reality and 3D simulations. It offers an edge over other learning apps by enhancing conceptual understanding and improving retention of concepts with features like life-like video content, hands-on learning, experiential learning, live classes, coding++ and AI assistant.

3,30,000+ students have already started benefiting from the engaging content on Practically.

The Practically School Solution, a B2B2C offering, gives schools and its teachers access to the Practically teacher app FREE of cost. Teachers can access 3000+ videos and 1000+ Simulations/AR and features like reports, test-preps, polls, analytics, assigning homework, etc. The app covers universal curriculum across Math and Science for 6th to 12th grades. Over 200 schools across India and Middle East are using Practically to enable online classes during the pandemic and this number is growing very fast

7- Viga Entertainment Technology- Is working towards a vision of enabling anyone to showcase their imagination to the world. By using Cloud, AI, and real-time rendering.

Viga Entertainment works on cutting edge applications for the entertainment industry & aim to deliver new tools and techniques using Nano-technology.

8- Whodat - Builds Spatial mapping and Augmented Reality solutions for large enterprises & was recently acquired by #byjus

Whodat are a team of engineers, designers, and scientists building the next generation Marker-less Augmented Reality Platform. their platform will empower developers to create beautiful AR experiences that the world can benefit from and enjoy & thier goal is to simplify experience creation, and make the crazy ideas in AR more tangible and achievable.

Whodat believes that inclusive AR experiences are a big part of our future, and want to be a part of the movement spearheading this leap

9- WhoVR- Is a Bangalore-based company working on marrying the ancient with the modern. focused on Digital Heritage with immersive and authentic retelling of History through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

They have a vision to nurture and elevate the collective consciousness of humanity, Who VR is an integrated platform for all things History and Heritage and blends Art-Culture-Music-Neurosciences-Astronomy in unique visual and aural experiences for the consumer. they provide location-based as well as remote heritage tours in VR and AR replete with Infographics and Multi-sensory interaction. Whodat are into neuroscientific research on ragas as well as leveraging DeepTech in content curation. New-age experiences like VR Music Concerts in Heritage sites as well as Heritage Games for PC/Console/VR are in the works and would be out in the market soon. they hope to make History Enjoyable and put India on the world stage in terms of ancient science and technology, leveraging modern technology.

10-WowExP- Started in Bangalore in 2019. Having team strength of 30 professionals.

A Mixed Reality and AI company that is committed to create WoW experience for everyone disrupting retail and energy sector by offering awesome Immersive trainings for renewable energy sector and AR experiences of 3D virtual try-on.

WowExp have filed patents on Virtual Try-on & aim to give a unique tour of augmented reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence seamlessly.

They are a partner of AICTE, NPC, Dell, Finastra, Indegene, Swiggy, Sensfix, Infosys & have launched #AICTE’s 1st VR Course on Solar Plant Installation.

If you are an XR Startup & believe should be on the next list, then pm me at Eddie Avil & if you want to keep in touch with the latest & coolest happenings in the world of #augmentedreality #virtualreality & #mixedreality then kindly subscribe to XROM- India's 1st AR/VR Focussed podcast


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