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Sunovatech a Key Partner for Translucia’s $3 Billion Interconnected Metaverse

Written by: Eddie Avil

Last week I got invited to Delhi by Rishi Ahuja the founder of Sunovatech for a press announcement of their partnership with Translucia a subsidiary of T&B Media Global -Thailand, I was excited & eager to know what the Sunovatech & Translucia $3 Billion partnership would mean to the overall #Metaverse Industry & especially it’s impact in #India.

For those of you who do not know, Sunovatech is a Delhi based Immersive and Extended reality company that focuses on Virtual , Augmented Reality applications and content development, Rishi Ahuja also runs a #virtualreality #education #startup called Klip VR with Co-Founder Aditya Tukati.

I have been vested in the virtual reality industry since 2015 & have seen the rise, fall & the rise again post the rebranding of Facebook to Meta.

Back in 2015 India had just a handful of virtual reality startups but those numbers have shot up drastically to 500 plus & counting, #JIO India’s largest telecom company has been amongst the early movers and been working on launching their Mixed Reality Jio Glasses.

Besides the above almost all of the exciting news, innovations or investments in the field of #extendedreality, Metaverse was happening entirely in the USA with few across Europe & China……..but Friday the 28th of 2022 was different.

Translucia & Sunovatech announced the largest, Boldest Metaverse partnership this side of the planet - a Vision to build a $3 billion interconnected Metaverse with various partners, potential businesses across the globe in technology infrastructure development, creativity, interactive user experience, finance and economics/tokenomics.

Translucia will be leveraging the AR/VR, Metaverse Developers in India & Sunovatech will act as a production hub to build 3D assets, environments, and modules for the Translucia Metaverse.

Under the partnership, Translucia has agreed to provide support, cooperation, community building and investment, holding hands to jointly develop Translucia Metaverse to a global scale.

Rishi mentioned that this partnership would mean Sunovatech employing 250 to 300, 3D Artists, AR/VR & Web 3.0 Developers in the next few years.

Rishi Ahuja- Founder Sunovatech & Phantabat Santimakorn the Chief of Business Development & Strategy- Translucia Company Ltd mentioned their desire to build a Metaverse which is human first, collaborative , open & Interconnected, they are keen to partner with universities, research institutions, start-up’s , govt, SME’s & big-tech that shares this vision......on probing regarding the launch of the platform……they both said “early next year”.

These are exciting times, the status quo of big-tech that was always leading the frontier tech landscape is being challenged by new entrants as it should rightfully, because that is the only way to build a Metaverse that is Accessible, Equitable, Diverse, Interoperable, Open & Decentralised.

It is about time we start seeing global tech companies not just from America & Europe but also from countries such as Thailand, India & other emerging economies.

#XROM-The Home of Extended Reality Wishes Sunovatech & Translucia lots of success in building the Interconnected Metaverse that is Human First.


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