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Shemaroo Entertainment launches ShemarooVerse on NEAR Protocol

Shemaroo Entertainment Limited, a prominent media and entertainment conglomerate, made a groundbreaking announcement at the India Blockchain Week on December 6th. Introducing ShemarooVerse, a public metaverse, the company aims to revolutionize the entertainment industry by merging it with Web3.0 technology.

Arghya Chakravarty, the Chief Operating Officer of Shemaroo Entertainment, elaborated on the vision of ShemarooVerse, stating that it is an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) metaverse destination available as an Android and web app. With this venture, Shemaroo Entertainment plans to collaborate entertainment content with the cutting-edge technology of Web3.0.

To explore the offerings of ShemarooVerse, users can access the beta version of the Android app and web app on the official website, This innovative platform aims to bring together entertainment, Web3.0, and artificial intelligence in a seamless manner.

ShemarooVerse is envisioned as a dynamic digital universe that seamlessly integrates entertainment with Web3.0 and AI technologies.

The metaverse is expected to provide a diverse range of offerings, including an extensive content library, interactive games, Bollywood avatars, live concerts and events in virtual reality (VR) cinema, wellness zones, devotional spaces, workspaces, social areas, and storefronts, among other exciting features.

This collaboration between entertainment and blockchain technology is expected to provide users with a new and immersive experience. Arpit Sharma, the Managing Director for India, Asia, and the Middle East at the NEAR Foundation, expressed his belief that this venture will contribute to the evolution of Indian entertainment on the blockchain.

ShemarooVerse promises to revolutionize the entertainment landscape by introducing a metaverse that combines the best of entertainment, Web3.0, and AI technologies. With its diverse offerings and interactive features, it has the potential to redefine the way users engage with content, paving the way for a new era of entertainment in India and beyond.


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