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AR/VR/MR in India: An Emerging Market Not to be Overlooked

The Growth of India's Immersive Tech Industry

Written by - Eddie Avil

I discovered virtual reality (VR) in early 2016 when a client came with a requirement for live-action VR experience and he smartly threw a carrot saying if I do manage to pull it off, the job will have a huge payout, without any knowledge I jumped headlong into researching what “Virtual Reality” was, its possibilities and future potential. The decision to explore VR and take up that project was amongst the best moves in my life; I put my first love, my music career on hold after realizing how profound VR is and it’s impact which will be seen across the enterprise and consumer applications in the coming years.

VR is like a rabbit hole the deeper you dig the deeper it takes you, it converted me into a believer and I am totally convinced that under a decade from now phones and our personal laptops will converge into a single wearable device which will let us interact with content simulating all of our five senses, plus the exponential rate with which technology is growing and assisting in understanding our cognitive structure, we could be under three decades from a brain-computer interface which will facilitate full dive/BCI-VR where lines of our physical reality will not just get blurred, but re-imagined and re-designed by coders and programmers, taking us closer to what John Smart defines it as the Transcension Hypothesis.

India is known as a nation that spawns brilliant Techies, some of the Top Global Tech Giants have Indian’s CEO’s from Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Rajeev Suri, Shantanu Narayen to many others but India is not known as a Nation that Builds World-Class Tech Companies, we are recognized globally as a low-cost outsourcing nation. China took a long time to rub its copy cat tag off and are presently Global leaders when it comes to AI and AR/VR/MR. India is a work in progress rubbing the outsource nation tag.

We have over 200  Immersive Tech Startups in the Country and the numbers are growing by the day, some of the leading firms are Blippar, Designmate, Dimension NXG , Holosuit and many others working hard to bring their innovative products services to their intended audience.

1.3 Billion people, the largest youth population in the world, Growing Economy which has enabled purchasing power for the Middle Class.

I wonder how and why the Tech Behemoths Vested in AR/VR/MR  have ignored India as a market so far.

#Oculus #HTC #Hololens #Samsung #Sony #Magicleap #Snapchat: it is about time you enter the Indian Market or test the market with committed partners such as us. Immersion- India’s 1st VR Film Festival & Conference which was Held on the 1st/2nd of March @ Nehru Centre-Mumbai was a much-needed platform which was incepted with the idea of building India’s AR/VR Industry.

Immersion VR Fest drew over 600 people over the 2 Day event, with 45 Speakers from India and around the Globe, Panel Discussions across Enterprise, Healthcare, Education, E-Commerce, Training, Entertainment & the Gaming Industry.

Focussed Workshops, Expo Space & VR Screening Zone where we screened some of the top Local and Global VR Content/Experiences kept the Audience Engaged. Chaitanya Chunduri- Google India Head of AR/VR & Nathan Gaydhani from SystemActive were our Keynote Speakers… besides a host of other domain experts such as Arnav Neel, Dr Vishal

Rao, Pankaj Raut, Miheer walavalkar and others.

Immersion VR Fest was a dream I nurtured and glad that it is being now called the Flagship IP for AR/VR in the country by Industry Experts, Immersion was made possible by VR Storytellers India’s premiere Immersive Experiential Content Studio & NYUCT Design Labs, the Speakers who extended their support, the audience who were waiting for an event like this and obviously our Partners Dell, this was the kick start India needed for its Immersive Tech Industry.

Do reach out if your company is keen to explore India’s market opportunity and wish to see you for the 2nd Edition of Immersion which is scheduled for February 28th/29th in 2020… The future of AR/VR/MR is awesome and India has just got started.

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