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WalkinVR - Press release

May 2020

Virtual reality becomes even more accessible

In the second half of June the WalkinVR software

will have its premiere on Steam platform.

Virtual reality obviously has huge potential. Never before experiencing the digital world was that real. Nonetheless, even as the environment is virtual, it still requires a real, physical interaction. Thus, despite the apparent lack of limits in the VR world, there are still many people with considerable problems with accessing it. Because when one can’t move freely, has a limited range of hand movements, or uses a wheelchair and is not able to lean or turn around, these problems remain present in VR.

Can’t move freely in real-world = Can’t freely play VR

It is with such persons in mind that the WalkinVR software was created, available from June the 14th on Steam platform. This software finally removes all barriers and makes the VR truly limitless.

Making VR accessible for everyone

How to make the VR accessible for everyone

The first version launched in 2017 made possible virtual movement in games for the wheelchair-bound persons. The software was received with applause, motivating the authors to undertake further development. WalkinVR in its current form seeks to open the VR for the as wide public as possible, especially for those experiencing motor disorders in their lives.

  • Premiere 2.0 version features among others:

  • Virtual movement, turning, leaning, crouching

  • enhancing movement range of the hands (little real range vs. big VR range) - increasing dynamic of the hand's movement (slow real moves vs. fast VR moves)

  • The option of VR assistance through a pad (when independent use of buttons on the controllers is not possible).

  • Tracking hands without controllers (with Kinect or Azure) in case of weak hands or spastics.

Adjusting the VR environment to individual needs is easy and intuitive with the simple interface of the application, further enhanced in the 2.0 version. To put it simply, the software allows for such adapting of the VR (thus all existing games and applications), that all physical barriers cease to exist. According to the WalkinVR authors, this is an important step towards the creation of a universally accessible world. WalkinVR works with all games and applications available on the SteamVR platform. On an opening day two versions of the app will be available, including one free (retaining unlimited functionality).

Make a workout more varied

WalkinVR is not a game. It is a software to enhance a person’s movement and adapt them to play existing Virtual Reality games. In addition to the entertainment function, WalkinVR can help you conduct effective training in VR. By using sports, skill or role-playing games while having fun, you can provide a large dose of movement

Make a workout more varied

This is especially important for people with disabilities, who often do not have the opportunity to engage in sports apart from standard rehabilitation. You can create a game room for VR and with the assistance of a mentor benefit from training that will give joy and real physical activity.

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