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Live Animations is an Augmented Reality Startup Founded by Andrei Tymoshenko Based out Ukraine with offices in US & Germany, Live Animations have been building Immersive AR Experiences for Reputed Brands as well as Educational Content for Children they help businesses achieve ambitious goals with out-of-the-box AR solutions, the quality of work is unbeatable & the expertise is backed-up with years of success.

The team boasts of building close to 220 hours of AR/VR experiential content, that has led to increased customer engagement and business growth for their partners, they pride in ensuring customer satisfaction and have built a strong loyal base of Enterprise customers who vouch for the quality & professionalism.

The company’s portfolio includes over 30 AR/VR projects for companies from around the Globe & have been voted the TOP 10 best companies in the world in the field of AR / VR

What makes them stand out is the quality of their development, they implement world-class technology, creativity, and content with maximum effectiveness, they recently partnered with Disney’s Licensee "The Little Hippo" and have been responsible for bringing static books such as Winnie the Pooh come alive with Augmented Reality.

Traditional Education system is up for disruption and technology such as AR/VR converging with AI will redefine the current education system, Immersive Education will have a huge role to play in the coming future, Data Suggests AR/VR learning aids in retention and engagement.

Live Animation also builds AR Gaming Experiences and AR for E-commerce by enabling customers to see, interact, and feel products in real-time whenever and wherever they want to stimulate their buying intent.

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