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Apple's Reality Pro headset revealed in a glitzy ceremony for top executives

Last week, #Apple presented its mysterious #RealityPro headset to around 100 of its top executives, marking a significant milestone in the device's development. According to Mark Gurman's weekly Power On newsletter, this event indicates that the #mixedreality headset is almost ready for launch, which is expected to take place at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference #WWDC in June.

Gurman notes that Apple has been demonstrating the headset to its top brass since 2018, but this latest presentation was on a much larger scale. The event was held in Apple's Steve Jobs Theater, where the company typically unveils its new products to the public. The show was described as "polished, glitzy, and exciting" and provided an opportunity for the headset team to rally leaders around the device.

However, despite the impressive presentation, Gurman reports that many Apple executives are "clear-eyed about Apple's challenges pushing into this new market." The Reality Pro has already faced skepticism from some who believe it could be an expensive flop. At an expected price tag of $3,000, it's unlikely to sell in huge quantities right away. Apple is allegedly targeting sales of one million units in its first year, which is far below the numbers of its flagship products such as the iPhone.

Nevertheless, many executives at Apple are "striking a realistic tone" with the Reality Pro, acknowledging that it won't be an instant hit. The company is reportedly hoping that the device will follow a similar trajectory to that of the Apple Watch, which started slowly but eventually became one of the company's most important products.

With the WWDC coming up, the world will soon see what Apple's headset team has been working on. Whether the Reality Pro will be a fast-selling hit or suffer a sluggish start remains to be seen.

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