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How Apple Vision Pro Will Catalyze India's XR Industry

Written by - Eddie Avil

I have had the privilege of witnessing the burgeoning extended reality industry from its early stages,

I have believed that our current two-dimensional interfaces are becoming obsolete, and that virtual and augmented reality will usher in a three-dimensional interface where the very world around us acts as a screen. We will transition from carrying technology to wearing technology, transforming our every gaze into an interface.

#Apple, known the world over for its exquisitely designed and finely crafted products, has long been anticipated to enter this new spatial realm. And now, with the announcement of Apple Vision Pro, those expectations have been richly fulfilled.

Before elaborating on Vision Pro's technical specifications, I would first like to share some reflections on what this exciting new device may mean for the growing extended reality industry in India

India a Price Conscious Market

Priced at a steep $3,499 and initially launching next year only in the U.S market without clarity on availability in India, Apple Vision Pro will likely appeal primarily to diehard Apple fans, enterprise customers and the affluent consumer segment.

While Version 1 of Vision Pro will undoubtedly attract some early adopters and niche customers, mainstream adoption will likely require a more affordable price point in future versions.

Vision Pro Version 3 or 4, with the right, more attainable cost, will likely be key to mainstream consumer uptake.

Apple's strategy of launching cutting edge, flagship products at luxury prices that then become mainstream over time has characterized product categories from the iPhone to the Apple Watch. Vision Pro appears to follow a similar trajectory, indication that Apple views its headset not just as a niche device for early adopters but as technology with the potential to enter the mass market - once the inevitable price optimizations occur.

Boost India's XR Startup Industry

Vision Pro will generate a lot of hype and interest, attracting more investors excited to fund the next big thing. Indian entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to build products and services that ride this wave and tap into a potential boom.

we will see a new breed of XR Startups developing app's services & solutions

Large companies in India are also likely to pay more attention to extended reality now. Vision Pro makes it clear that the metaverse is the future, and that those who don't figure out how to navigate this new spatial world may be left behind. Companies will start exploring how spatial computing can improve their businesses.

Overall, while Vision Pro itself may be out of reach for many Indians for now, its launch signals that the metaverse is marching towards the mainstream. The hype and investor interest it generates will help accelerate the development of India's own spatial computing ecosystem - one better suited for local businesses and consumers.

Govt + Apple Partnerships

Indian government has already partnered with #Meta on several extended reality initiatives, recognizing the huge potential of this emerging technology for India's 1.6 billion people and large youth population.

With the launch of Vision Pro, we can expect the government to also explore partnerships with Apple to develop applications and experiences tailored for Vision Pro. Given India's massive and diverse market, Apple will recognize the need for compelling local content to drive adoption of its headset among Indians. Collaborating with the government on initiatives focused on education, healthcare, skill development and more can help Apple achieve this.

India presents a massive opportunity for any spatial computing platform - one the government and Apple would be wise to capitalize on together.

Content is King

Meta discovered the hard way that without compelling content and applications, a virtual reality headset faces an uphill battle for success.

Ensuring a robust and vibrant ecosystem of applications and experiences will be critical for Vision Pro to succeed.

Apple's ongoing legal battle with Epic Games over app store commissions could work against it in this regard. Unreal Engine, Epic's game development platform, is fast emerging as the leading tool for creating high-quality 3D content - including for virtual and augmented reality.

No software developer or game studio relishes the prospect of surrendering 30% of their revenue to Apple's app store.

Apple may hobble Vision Pro before it even launches if it Fails to foster an open and collaborative environment for spatial computing application development.

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is a groundbreaking new headset that blends the digital world with your physical surroundings in amazing ways.

With Vision Pro, apps no longer live just on a screen. They spill out into your physical space, letting you arrange and resize them however you like using just your eyes. Need a bigger screen for a movie? Simply look at the app and resize it to fill your entire field of vision.

Vision Pro turns any room into an immersive theater using spatial audio that feels like the sound is coming from all around you. Your old photos and videos come to life in 3D when viewed on Vision Pro, transporting you back to those memories in an entirely new way.

Speakers play audio right into your ears while still allowing you to hear the real world around you. Vision Pro uses intuitive eye, hand and voice controls that feel natural. You simply look where you want to interact, tap your fingers together to select, or speak commands out loud. An outward facing display also lets others know when you're using Vision Pro so they don't interrupt you.

Advanced technologies enable Vision Pro's spatial capabilities. High resolution micro-displays, precise eye tracking, dual chip processors and sophisticated sensors work seamlessly together to give you an incredibly realistic view of virtual content mixed with the real world.

Most importantly, Apple prioritizes user privacy with Vision Pro. Secure authentication using your unique iris, as well as Apple's longstanding approach to data privacy and security, are built into the design from the start.

Vision Pro represents a bold new step in computing that lets you see and experience the world in an entirely new light. It promises to transform the way we work, play and connect with each other in a more human and spatially intelligent way.

In conclusion, while Vision Pro itself may not see huge sales in India initially, it could act as a catalyst for the broader XR ecosystem India as well as globally.

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