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Slum to Smart: Genesys International's Digital Twin Technology for Dharavi's Redevelopment

Genesys International, a Mumbai-based mapping industry leader, has secured a significant contract worth Rs 22 crore from Adani Group's Portsmouth Buildcon Private Ltd. The contract involves the deployment of Genesys' advanced digital twin mapping technology for the redevelopment project of Dharavi, Asia's largest slum cluster. This project is expected to bring about a transformative change in Dharavi's landscape and urban planning within a span of nine months.

The selection of Genesys International for this contract highlights their reputation as an innovative force in mapping technology. The company's expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries of mapping innovation have been recognized, aligning seamlessly with Mumbai's longstanding goal of revitalizing key areas.

Genesys' state-of-the-art Oyster 3D Maps platform, known for its precision and innovation, will play a pivotal role in the Dharavi redevelopment project. This platform, along with Genesys' digital twin mapping technology, will enable comprehensive visualization, analysis, and planning of the area, facilitating informed decision-making and efficient urban development.

Notably, this contract comes shortly after Genesys formed a strategic partnership with the Survey of India (SoI) for a three-dimensional (3D) digital twin mapping program, marking the first public-private agreement of its kind with SoI. This further solidifies Genesys' position as a leader in digital twin mapping, demonstrating their commitment to advancing this cutting-edge technology in India.

Overall, the adoption of digital twin mapping technology in the Dharavi redevelopment project signifies a significant step towards modernizing and revitalizing the area. Genesys International's expertise and the application of their advanced mapping solutions will provide accurate representations of the existing environment, enabling effective planning, development, and transformation of Dharavi.

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