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Shin Software an AR/VR Interactive 3D company from Italy

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

we humans Experience our world in 3 Dimensions and our reality is perceived & enhanced by Sound, touch, smell, and taste

However the digital world has been restricted by 2D medium for the longest times, the arrival of 3D technology was not much of a mover as all of our Digital/Viewing Devices were still 2D.

Immersive Technologies such as Augmented/Virtual & Mixed Reality are however changing that paradigm and some of the top tech behemoths promise that spatial computing or the next generation of computing will be 3D plus interactive and the technology enabling this revolutionary leap would be AR/VR/MR.

Shin Software an Interactive cloud-based 3D Design & Consultancy Company realizing this shift has been building interesting Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality Services & Solutions, It is amongst the 19 companies in the world to achieve AWS Industrial Software Competency status.

SHOWin3D is their premier application that simplifies, enables & gives the control in the hand of the user to design & develop interactive 3D content without coding skills. SHOWin3D is a multi-language, highly customizable tool that works on multiple devices with effortless integrations from the web to VR.

Shin Software is an Enterprise Focused Startup Based out of Italy with Developers across Ukraine, Canada, China & India.

Their services include cataloging products in 3D, Fair Solutions, E-learning & Virtual Tours

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