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Rokid CEO Envisions a Future of Smart Glasses: Replacing Traditional Eyewear in Five Years

In a captivating speech titled "Rokid, Opening the Era of Global Spatial Computing" at MEET 2024, Rokid's founder and CEO, Misa, shared an ambitious vision for the company's future. Rokid, primarily a software company, is focused on AI+AR (Artificial Intelligence + Augmented Reality) rather than just AR alone.

Misa expressed his hope that within the next three to five years, Rokid will revolutionize the way we perceive eyewear by replacing traditional glasses with cutting-edge smart glasses, comparable to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones in today's world.

According to Misa, XR (Extended Reality) and AI are intertwined, with XR poised to take the spotlight in the coming year, overshadowing AI advancements.

The Rokid CEO's forward-thinking insights and aspirations highlight the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and its potential impact on our daily lives. Stay tuned as Rokid continues its journey towards transforming the eyewear industry with its innovative smart glasses.

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