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PORTL Hologram Launches HOLOPORTL™️, The First Single Passenger Holoportation Machine

The safest and fastest form of travel ever created, the company’s first product allows people to “beam” anywhere and interact in lifesize, 4K resolution; It’s a powerful, affordable, vehicle for production and playback of any hologram content.

PORTL Hologram Company announced the launch of its first product today. The HOLOPORTL™️ is the world’s first one-person

holoportation machine, allowing the user to “beam” from anywhere to anywhere and interact with people live in 4K resolution. The Holoportl uses PORTL’s proprietary technology, developed by CEO David Nussabum. PORTL is a tech and entertainment company working in holograms, virtual reality and augmented reality.

In addition to holoportation, or interactive telepresence, Holoportl can film, edit and playback original hologram content of all kinds. The affordable unit is only about 7’ tall and 5’ wide, made to be easily installed and transportable--an easy fit for home or office. It’s perfect for public spaces of all kinds from museums to airports to political rallies. Holoportl works in direct sunlight or total darkness and motion activation allows a hologram character to interact with visitors anytime. 

David Nussbaum, who has worked on holograms for the Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Ronald Reagan Library, and Sony’s Ghostbusters premiere, founded PORTL when he noticed all the hologram companies were going after the same prize, the flashy arena-sized stage show.

“I thought, if they’re all going bigger and bigger, I’ll go the other way,” says David Nussbaum, founder and CEO of Portl Hologram Company. “I’ve produced hologram arena shows and it’s thrilling. But I’m here to make hologram stages that are smaller, and more affordable. By making the medium of holograms easier for companies and individuals to get involved with, I know we’ll accelerate innovation and excitement about new forms of content. PORTL is already making first-ever, history-making entertainment events happen.”

Every Holoportl is capable of presenting interactive telepresence or prerecorded playback. They can beam in real people from around the world or be used for fantasy projections, like cartoon animations or digital resurrections. Holoportls can even be networked together to beam a CEO, politician, or entertainer into 100’s of machines around the globe simultaneously. 

“It’s the safest and fastest way to travel!” Nussbaum says. “Others do live via satellite. I do live via hologram.” 

The Holoportl had its first public demonstration at The Saturn Awards, where Japanese anime influencer Rin Asobe’s avatar was beamed in live from Tokyo to the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. The second demonstration begins October 11 at L.A. ComicCon at Legion M’s booth where anime characters and live musicians and comedians will be beamed in. Visitors will even be able to transform themselves into holograms. 

PORTL is also announcing a partnership with Scott Broock’s Totem Networks and  Emmy-winner Mark DeCarlo (Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Family Guy) for Who’s Voice is it Anyway, hosted by a cartoon hologram named Boffo the Bear. In a historic first, Boffo will interview celebrities on the mainstage of L.A. ComiCon on opening night. 

PORTL’s global manufacturing partner is 41 Sets, a fully equipped movie set design and production facility located in North Hollywood, CA. Portl’s technology is not based on Pepper’s Ghost. 

Nussbaum has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years and the hologram space for the last 6 years, most of those years as the EVP of Hologram USA. An award-winning content creator, writer, and producer, he is regarded as one of the foremost experts on hologram entertainment technology. David’s hologram highlights include the Juan Gabriel and Jenni Rivera digital resurrection memorial concerts, the live HoloPortation events with Jimmy Kimmel, The Country Music Association Awards, Julian Assange, and Jack Black, as well as special event partnerships with Sony Pictures, Universal Studios, NBC's The Voice, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Christian Dior, America’s Got Talent, and The National Comedy Center among others. Since beginning his work in the hologram field, David has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS, and heard on NPR and The Howard Stern Show.

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