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Mixed reality content platform Flam raises Rs 38 crore in funding

Flam Raises $4.5M in Pre-Series-A Funding
Mixed Reality Startup Flam $ 4.5 Funding

San Francisco-based Flam a mixed reality (MR) publishing platform recently raised $4.5 million in pre-Series A funding, fueling its mission to make MR experiences accessible to everyone.

This infusion of capital comes from a mix of investors, including Turbostart, Twin Ventures, Alphatron Capital, angel investors, family offices, and even existing backers like Inventus Capital Partners, SVQ, and 9Unicorns (now 100 Unicorns).

Flam's secret sauce lies in its ability to transform ordinary advertisements – print, billboards, TV commercials, even digital banners – into captivating, interactive MR experiences. Imagine pointing your phone at a magazine ad and seeing a 3D animation burst to life. 

Shourya Agarwal, the CEO of Flam, believes Mixed Reality is the next frontier in content evolution. "We're moving beyond video ads," he says, "MR is poised to become a permanent fixture in marketing strategies worldwide." And Flam is leading the charge. The company boasts an impressive roster of clients, including big names like Britannia, Netflix, Wargaming, AJIO, Heeramandi, WPP, and even Indian politician Shashi Tharoor.

But Flam's ambitions extend far beyond the borders of India. The fresh funding will be used to ignite the company's presence in North America, Europe, and the MENA region, making MR a global phenomenon.

Flam's success story began in May 2021 with a $3.5 million seed funding round. Since then, the company has been on a meteoric rise, working with over 15 brands and currently in talks with over 200 more. Flam Claims their MR technology is innovative, scalable & designed to handle billions of users, ensuring everyone has a front-row seat to the MR revolution.

With its focus on accessibility, scalability, and a growing list of brand partnerships, Flam is poised to become the go-to platform for anyone looking to create next-level marketing experiences. So, the next time you see an ad, don't just look at it – Flam it up and see what magic comes to life!

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