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Meta & LG to Partner to Compete with Apple Vision Pro Glasses

In a move to challenge Apple's dominance in the augmented reality (AR) market, Meta Platforms Inc., the parent company of Facebook, has joined forces with LG Electronics Inc. to develop cutting-edge Mixed Reality (MR) headsets. This collaboration aims to create advanced headsets that combine the best of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), merging virtual objects with the real environment.

According to reliable IT sources, Meta and LG Electronics have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to develop these state-of-the-art headsets, with plans to unveil them in 2025. Although it remains uncertain whether this announcement will be made at the upcoming Meta Connect 2023 event on September 27, insiders suggest that these headsets will be the flagship product in Meta's headset series, known as Quest.

Meta has been diversifying its product lineup to cater to the expanding metaverse market. Their notable offerings include the Meta Quest 2, introduced in 2020 with an affordable price tag of around $339.90, and the Meta Quest Pro.

While LG Electronics has remained tight-lipped about this collaboration, they have acknowledged their ongoing efforts in developing MR devices as part of their future vision of connecting various spaces and experiences. However, they are unable to disclose their collaboration partners at this time.

This partnership between Meta and LG Electronics sets the stage for a three-way competition in the high-end headset industry. The major players in this arena will be Samsung Electronics, Google, Apple, and Meta-LG Electronics. Apple has already released its product, and Google is actively working on a headset in collaboration with Samsung Electronics. As the leading player in the field, Meta is strategically teaming up with LG Electronics to counter latecomer challenges.

As Meta and LG Electronics team up to challenge Apple's position, we can expect a wave of innovation that pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of augmented and virtual reality. The path to the metaverse is being paved, and each collaboration brings us closer to a future where technology enhances our lives, fuels our imaginations, and creates abundance for all.

Probable Future

While Meta, Apple, and other tech giants focus on premium offerings, there is an increasing realization that the ultimate goal is to create low-cost, open-source glasses that can replace computers, mobile devices, and even TV screens.

These future glasses will serve as our gateway to the metaverse, a virtual realm where our physical and digital realities seamlessly intertwine.

In this metaverse, we will be able to interact with virtual objects, connect with others in shared digital spaces, and access an endless array of information and experiences. The potential for creativity, collaboration, and innovation will be boundless.

The journey towards this metaverse involves technological advancements, partnerships, and the democratization of AR and VR. It requires the collective efforts of industry leaders, developers, and visionaries to bring about a future where affordable, accessible, and open-source glasses become a reality.

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