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Dispelix: Revolutionizing Augmented Reality Glasses

Dispelix develops and delivers see-through waveguide combiners that are used as transparent displays in extended reality (XR) devices. their elegant, high-performance XR waveguides seamlessly combine the virtual and the real. Dispelix is trusted and visionary partner for the industry leaders in XR, enabling them to redefine the form, function, and feel of XR wearables.

Caught Andy Lin the VP Sales & Partnerships APAC of Dispelix at #AWE-Asia Singapore at the Expo Space, where he spoke about Dispelix & explained about waveguide technology that has emerged as a critical component in AR/VR glasses, enabling users to experience realistic and interactive digital content in their physical environment & how they are at the forefront of powering the AR/VR industry forward with its innovative waveguide solutions.

What is Waveguide Technology?

Waveguide technology refers to a compact optical system that guides and directs light, allowing it to be projected into the user's field of view. It consists of a combination of waveguide lenses and a light engine, typically a tiny projector. The light engine projects digital content onto the waveguide, which the wearer looks through, superimposing virtual objects onto the real world.

Most of the Augmented Reality devices often produce 2D stereoscopic images at fixed focal distances, leading to eye fatigue and limited immersion. Waveguide combers, such as the one developed by Dispelix and VividQ, enable the display of simultaneous variable-depth 3D content within the user's environment. This breakthrough allows users to interact naturally and comfortably with virtual objects placed in their physical world.

The ability to display variable-depth 3D content offers an unprecedented level of immersion in AR experiences. Users can now perceive virtual objects at different depths, interact with them naturally, and experience a seamless blend of the real and digital worlds. By overcoming the limitations of fixed focal planes, waveguide technology brings true 3D holography to AR/VR glasses, revolutionising the way users engage with digital content.

The partnership between #Dispelix and VividQ goes beyond technological innovation. It aims to bring the 3D waveguide technology to mass production, enabling headset manufacturers to integrate these cutting-edge displays into their AR product roadmaps. By working closely with device manufacturers and consumer tech brands, Dispelix and VividQ are unlocking the full potential of the AR/VR market.

As the technology evolves and matures, the possibilities for AR/VR applications become limitless. The combination of true 3D holography, wide field of view, and comfortable user experience opens doors to various industries, including gaming, professional use, education, healthcare, and more.

In the coming years, we can expect to see the launch of AR/VR glasses equipped with Dispelix's waveguide technology, offering users unparalleled immersive experiences. These devices will enable users to seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds, interact with virtual objects, and unlock new dimensions of entertainment and productivity.


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