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AjnaLens-Augmented Reality Glasses to help businesses prosper in & beyond COVID

AjnaLens launches AjnaX- India's First enterprise-grade AR Glasses and advanced XR software AjnaSuite. Looking at the current business scenarios, this combination is a one-stop solution to help enterprises leverage technology to prosper. From Holographic Collaboration to AR-based Training and Operations, the powerful combination of AjnaX & AjnaSuite is all set to revolutionize the way we do business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has induced one of the largest, at-scale behavioural changes in the world of business. Leading companies are now focusing on new ways to train people, serve clients and grow their businesses. Companies that had implemented Industry 4.0 solutions like AR/VR before COVID-19 found themselves in a better position to respond to the crisis. On the other hand, companies that did not implement AR/VR solutions before COVID-19 have had a harsh wake-up call. As travel halted, it became more difficult than ever to train people remotely, provide service, repair and maintenance to offshore clients or conduct offline product demonstrations.

This is where AjnaLens helps these small to large businesses reduce training time and cost while also reducing the operational time and errors. This can be done by providing the employees with holographic step-by-step guidance without the managers needing to do complex programming or the company having to invest heavily in the development.

For the organisations that have never implemented AR solutions for their business in the past, AjnaSuite makes it easier for them to create complex workflows using an easy-to-use drag and drop creator.

The holographic collaboration and remote assistance features can bring together experts and field technicians from different locations working on the same issues. It considerably brings down the time taken to resolve issues remotely from few hours to few minutes.

Another feature for 3D holographic visualisation empowers business sales representatives to give demos of large and complex products at the client’s workspace without carrying them physically. The client can freely interact with 3D holograms of products and imagine the design in the real space, which can drastically accelerate the sales process.

AjnaX is a result of years of hard work, engineering and is crafted for excellence. The combination of AjnaX hardware and AjnaSuite software is here to revolutionize and transform the Indian Business Ecosystem.

Abhijit Patil, Co-founder and COO, AjnaLens, said, “The pace at which Industry 4.0 technology is evolving has risen in the past few years. The impact of the pandemic on work culture has been extraordinary. More and more enterprises are accepting technological change and adopting novel technologies. The workplace of the future is no longer a swanky office, but a collaborative.

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