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A New Virtual Reality Game By -Zatun : Down and Out

The mean streets beckon. Test your wits, skills, and fists against the challenges of the underground fighting scene in ‘DOWN AND OUT’, a new VR game from Zatun.

Zatun a multi-award-winning game development studio announces “Down and Out”, a new breed of fighting game that blends the best of your favorite brawlers with the immersion of first-person VR. Get ready to carve out your destiny on the city streets with nothing other than your fists (and VR controllers)!

Experience life as a homeless brawler!

Down and Out will transport you to the seedy underbelly of the big city. Play as a ruthless street fighter with no place to call home, as you build both your wealth and reputation by punching your way through the opposition! Although you may start with nothing, face up to the challenges that the city throws at you and end up as the richest- not to mention the most badass person in the city.

Discover the open city of Down and Out, brought to life by the game’s unique blend of freestyle combat and exploration. Choose how to play as you roam freely, or do quests and reap their rewards in money and reputation! Down and Out will show you a side of the urban city life you’ve never seen.

Key Features:

• Experience the life of a homeless fighter without a penny to his name. Take a glimpse at life on the streets, as you live out the life of a vagrant fighter. Forced to live on the streets, your story plays out through a series of meticulously planned story quests that will take you from being a poor nobody to being powerful and infamous!

• Unique gameplay with bold visuals. Enjoy the immersive visuals of Down and Out, a catchy mix of realism and comic-book aesthetics, augmented through VR. Down and Out offers an immersive glimpse into the life of the homeless and the impoverished: Discover the lives of the characters you meet on the streets, and choose how your own tale will play out!!

• A brand-new combat system, tailored for VR. Experience Down and Out’s fresh new take on the fighting game genre: a realistic combat system, based on real-world fighting styles, seamlessly integrated into VR.

• Relentless enemies, glorious rewards. Face an AI that will adapt to your fighting style. No enemy will fight the same way! Learn to adapt and evolve your techniques and strategies, because your enemies certainly will. Fight a variety of enemy types as you progress through the game, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. Every victory earns you money and reputation, taking you one step closer to your goal of ruling the streets!

• Need a break from the action? Explore the highly interactive city and discover its secrets through a variety of side activities and mini-games. Down and Out lets you switch freely between doing quests and free-roaming around the city.

• Play Ball. When you’re not fighting, relax with a game of basketball for some quick cash.

• Find yourself a loyal, furry friend. Even a wandering, heartless warrior needs company. Befriend a stray dog and take care of him. Keep him happy and well-fed and you’ll have a loyal canine companion like no other!

• Diamonds in the rough: Search for items and bonuses in the unseen corners of the streets, even in dumpsters and garbage- you might find something useful! Even if it isn’t, many of your finds can still make for an improvised weapon in a fight.

• Witness the desperation of a life of crime. The streets are filled with goodies like food, shopping carts, bicycles, and much more, but taking too much and too often will draw unwelcome attention from the authorities.

• Spend your hard-earned cash wisely: An in-game store provides even more items- from consumables that help you during fights, to cosmetics that make you look cooler!

With its immersive visuals, engaging gameplay, and unique story, Down and Out allows players to test their mettle on the streets, where strength is the only law that matters. Made for veterans of fighting games and new players alike, Down and Out offers a fresh take on the fighter genre while offering a thoughtful glimpse into the hard lives of the homeless and poor. Discover the survivors of the dark side of city life, as their struggle- and yours- is told through Down and Out.

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This VR game is planned to be released on all major platforms, including SteamVR, Oculus, HTC, and PSVR (future). Down and Out will be one of its kinds, offering an immersive and interactive experience to the players.


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