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TransVisionMadrid 2022:Cryonics First Response (CFR) Training

During November 12-13, 2022, Madrid will host its next #TransVision Summit with a focus on human cryopreservation. This will be the first CFR (Cryonics First Response) training to be organized in Spain, after some smaller similar events during previous years in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The CFR training will include hands-on experience with theoretical and practical training, using human dummies and the special NL ambulance that will come from Amsterdam to Madrid. Two new cryonics facilities have started in Australia (Southern Cryonics) and Switzerland (Tomorrow Biostasis) during 2022, following the cryonics centers in China and Russia, and the original facilities in the USA (including the bigger Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Arizona and the Cryonics Institute in Michigan). Thus, the time has come for more and better cryonics around the world. In this global context, #TransVisionMadrid 2022 welcomes you to cool cryonics in sunny Spain!

The objective of this meeting is to introduce attendees to the basics of CFR (Cryonics First Response). The goal of CFR is to perform a set of basic cryonics stabilization procedures to reduce damage to a cryonics patient after circulatory arrest. Similar to basic first response in mainstream medicine, these general procedures do not involve advanced medical skills and can be taught to interested volunteers. Understanding the theoretical and practical aspects of first response is important for helping effectively other cryonics members in a critical condition who live in areas where there is no professional cryonics infrastructure. CFR procedures are also important when local volunteers can get access to a patient before a professional standby, stabilization and transport (SST) team or organization can arrive at the patient’s location. In this event we introduce the theoretical basis of cryonics response, discuss the effectiveness of different kinds of stabilization procedures, compare patient transport and shipping options, teach the basics of perfusion, and allow participants to review and practice with equipment and supplies necessary to effectively conduct basic stabilization procedures.

#TransVisionMadrid Summit 2022

This #TransVisionMadrid Summit 2022 is organized by José Cordeiro, PhD, and will be hosted at the Instituto Europeo de Salud y Bienestar Social, a medical training center that has cooperated before with several government and private facilities, both in Spain and internationally, like the World Health Organization (WHO). Visit the campus of the Instituto Europeo and find its location in central Madrid.

Previous #TransVisionMadrid Summits have been held at the Consejo Superior de Insvestigaciones Científicas (CSIC, the Spanish equivalent of the US National Science Foundation) in 2017, at the historic Ateneo de Madrid in 2018, and at the Ilustre Colegio Oficial de Médicos de Madrid (ICOMEM, the Official College of Physicians in Madrid) in 2021. Among the previous major keynote speakers can be mentioned John C. Mather (2016 Nobel Prize in Physics), Ray Kurzweil (Director of Engineering at Google and cofounder of Singularity University), and robot Sophia (probably the most famous humanoid robot, which received citizenship in Saudi Arabia in 2017).

Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites and network with old and new friends

Before the two days of formal CFR training (November 12-13), there will be two days of optional tours around famous UNESCO sites for those participants interested in learning more about central Spain and Castille: the land of Castles and Don Quixote (November 10-11). The first tour will be North of Madrid (Avila, Segovia, El Escorial) on November 10 and the second tour will be South of Madrid (Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, Toledo) on November 11. Bring comfortable clothes and shoes to discover some of the most famous alcazars (castles), cathedrals, Medieval walled cities, a Roman aqueduct of the time of Christ, the land of Miguel de Cervantes, a former capital of Spain where Muslims, Jews and Christians lived peacefully together, and the pantheon and palaces of the Spanish Emperors and Kings.

If you are coming with friends, or planning to stay with other colleagues, you might also consider staying in one of the many Airbnb locations. Before making your travel arrangements, please make sure that you can procure all the necessary travel and health documents for your trip to Madrid. If you are not traveling on a direct flight, please also consult and follow any applicable regulations of the transit country. We are looking forward to welcoming you to beautiful Spain: the past land of Non Plus Ultra, the current land of Plus Ultra, and the future land of Vita Plus Ultra!

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