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TRANSFORM THE IMPOSSIBLE - India's 1st Future Tech/Deep Tech Podcast

Written by- Eddie Avil

Transform The Impossible is the 1st of its kind Future/Deep Tech focussed #podcast from India, the #pandemic has accelerated exponential technologies 10 yrs into the #future, it has completely disrupted our world where we are left with more questions than answers.

Divided views from experts and media hype have created a narrative of fear & excitement in equal measures, #artificialintelligence & frontier tech hold the potential to spawn new jobs and industries but it will also leave millions without jobs.

Data is the new oil but we naively give our data for free undermining its importance, will blockchain be able to give data ownership back to us.

Almost all businesses are jumping on the #digitaltransformation bandwagon, more & more decisions are being offloaded onto algorithms and we are just scratching the surface with Narrow Intelligence, what will the world look like when we have machines that have human-level intellect better known as #artificialgeneralintelligence, what if its idea's do not align with humanity.

#Syntheticbiology is allowing us to play God, we have got the tools to tinker with the source code of life #dna.

#Hejiankui a Chinese biophysics researcher created the worlds first genetically edited twins in china through a gene-editing process called #CRISPR #Cas9 , scientists have already built genetically altered dogs/cats/rats that glow in the dark, Rats that can live longer than its non-edited counterpart, #Agereverse and other impossibilities that you might say can be done only by God or some Divine powers.

Today almost all frontier #technologies are growing capabilities that will endow humans with god-like powers.

#Technology has always been a double-edged sword, it has given us fire our first technology/tool.

Some used it to destroy, some to create

#elonmusk #billgates #stephenhawking and others have said that Artificial Intelligence could be humanity's last invention.

Technology has the potential to transform mankind for the better or the worse, the choice is in our hands, we need to handhold and build a community that becomes so powerful that never again will the common man ever be subjugated/manipulated by Big Tech or Governments.

Transform The Impossible Podcast is an effort to create that community that asks deep questions pertaining to the future of humanity and try nudge innovators, policymakers to build technology that is human first & work towards building a preferred future for all.

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