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Team Behind XR Productivity App ‘Immersed’ Announce Visor, a PC VR Headset for Work.

Immersed, the team behind the XR productivity and co-working platform, has revealed that they are developing their own PC VR headset specifically designed for work purposes.

Partnering with an undisclosed "tech giant," Immersed aims to release its first VR hardware, known as the Immerse Visor. This tethered PC VR headset stands out for its slim and lightweight design, boasting dual 4K micro OLEDs that offer a wide 100-degree field of view. The Visor is expected to be "25 percent lighter" than a smartphone, likely weighing less than 200g. Notably, it will feature optical inside-out tracking, eliminating the need for external base stations required by headsets utilizing the SteamVR tracking standard.

While specific details on the Immerse Visor's specifications and features are limited, the headset aims to provide a "custom fit" tailored to each user. Although the exact method has not been disclosed, Immersed may adopt a similar approach to Bigscreen's Beyond headset. Bigscreen users can download an iOS app that scans their facial contours, allowing the company to create personalized facial interfaces.

Pricing details for the Immerse Visor have yet to be announced, but it is expected to cater to professionals working on laptops, offering the convenience of multiple screens. Although it is anticipated to be a premium product, it may not be priced lower than hardware such as the Quest 2 and Quest 3, as those headsets are subsidized to incentivize software sales. Pre-orders are slated to begin later this year, providing more information on pricing and availability.

To learn more about Immersed's VR hardware venture, you can watch the full announcement video below, featuring interviews with the creators at Immersed.



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