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Student Creates Virtual Reality Gloves for $22 - The Future is Decentralised & Democratised -

The Media Increasingly peddles the story that Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality is an expensive technology and not ready for mainstream, but if you follow the progress, growth of extended reality it's utility and accessibility will surely surprise you, came across the work of this student and felt compelled to share the same with my readers here.

Most of the Haptic Gloves products in the market are extremely expensive and only for enterprises

A student known as LucasVR on YouTube designed and built his own gloves for virtual reality for just $22! The design is not based on new unique technical decisions but rather uses cheap smart solutions.

Check the video above which shows the materials used and discusses the process. Lucas used a 3D printer, some parts from an electric guitar, and a couple of other cheap details.

The end result also has a cheap microcontroller to work and detect movements using a custom Python-based app. The app collects movement data and turns the pair of gloves into two VR hands. An Oculus Quest 2 camera is used to define a user's position.

These gloves can even be used in Half-Life: Alyx and the thing is that Lucas doesn't want to sell to a giant company - he decided to share the app and the full how-to instruction for free. Learn more and find the files here.

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