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Quantlabs Technologies Announces MetaDurgotsav 2022 Durga Puja in the Metaverse

Quantlabs Technologies today announced that they would be celebrating the Indian festival of Durga Puja on their Metaverse platform, Versez, this year.

#DurgaPuja is a major Indian festival celebrated in the Eastern and Northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. It is especially popular in the city of Kolkata, India. Durga Puja committees sometimes spend upwards of a USD 100000 creating impressive pandals to mark the celebrations. The Quantlabs team is replicating the glory and splendour of these pandals on the their Metaverse platform, Versez.

“Since community of utmost importance for celebrating this festival, it seemed like a no brainer to us to build a Durga Puja Metaverse”, said Ishan Roy, Co-Founder and Web3 Engineering, Quantlabs. “Many of us have fond memories of celebrating this festival with our friends and family as kids. However, as we grew older and got geographically separated from our friends and family, it became more and more difficult to celebrate together. This Metaverse platform will help solve these problems and allow families and friends to reunite and celebrate”, he said.

“One of the prominent things about Durga Puja is the celebration of arts and culture”, said Rick De, Metaverse Architect and Co-founder Quantlabs. “Thus MetaDurgotsav 2022 would have a live stage for performances. We also have a metaverse multiplex where we would be giving a tribute to Satyajit Ray on the Centenary year of his birth”, he added.

“We would also be organizing a puja on the day of Asthami where users can seek the blessing of Goddess Durga. We have recreated the physical experience in the metaverse and have added some fun features for the participants!”, added Manu Areraa, Lead Developer and Co-founder, Quantlabs.

MetaDurgotsav 2022 would be live from the 2nd-4th of October, 2022 .

The metaverse can be accessed from 10 AM IST onwards on the 2nd of October at the

Quantlabs is a NFT and Metaverse studio helping brands and marketing agencies adopt web3 technologies for customer acquisition and branding. (

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