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Noda, the leading mind-mapping app in VR, launching full, multiplayer version in Q3


Noda is a mind mapping, brainstorming, white boarding space for connected thinking. Combining spatial awareness and physical movement, Noda enhances thinking, learning and presenting. A full version of the Noda app for PC VR on Oculus and Steam VR headsets will be released around the end of August, 2020. The full version will include features users and commenters have been asking for, most significantly speech to text and multiplayer functionality. Noda’s launch comes as increasingly more work is conducted remotely, and Facebook/Oculus recently announced a new focus on collaboration & productivity apps. Noda’s mind-mapping / whiteboarding capabilities are the most advanced and expansive available in VR.

Noda will be offered free with limited functionality, with the full version available for a one-time fee of $19.99. Users of the full version will have access to speech to text features, specialized audio for mood and focus and will be able to save unlimited maps. Users of both the free and paid versions can spend unlimited time in Noda and will enjoy core features like multi-player functionality.

An Early Access version of Noda has been available on Steam and Oculus Home marketplaces since 2017 and has been purchased over a thousand times. Noda has been positively reviewed on a variety of social media, including the Road2VR blog and by popular VR enthusiasts on YouTube, garnering thousands of views.

About Noda:

Developer: Coding Leap



Media inquiries:

Founded: Santa Cruz, CA, 2017

Coding Leap has been an active VR and Oculus developer since 2014. Founder Brian Eppert was the technical lead on VR projects with tens of thousands of installs and hundreds of daily active users including

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