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Navin Manaswi launched the Metaverse platform for Enterprise - The WoWMeet.

WoWMeet enables companies to impart flexible work culture and freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Navin Manaswi is the Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer of WoWExp Technologies. He is an IIT-K Alumnus and a global thought leader in immersive technology. As a leader, he has left no stone unturned in these three years and successfully built a metaverse platform for good.

Metaverse platform for good

WoWMeet is the enterprise metaverse platform built for an immersive and engaging working environment. It was recently launched by WoWExp Technologies, a leader in Immersive Technology. WoWExp has been building immersive products since 2019.

“Our immersive collaboration platform brings the team together to learn, share, plan and create, adding the socialising element to their day-to-day remote meetings. We are on a mission to revolutionise the way people work together in a remote setting”, says Navin Manaswi, Founder and Chief Metaverse Officer at WoWExp Technologies.

Be the real you

Wherever you are in the world, you can always join your colleagues together as if you are meeting in person. Your personalised avatar makes you feel more natural and authentic in the metaverse while attending your next remote meeting. To sound more confident, Spatial Audio gives you the freedom to interact with your colleagues in a more natural and human tone.

Be more productive

WoWMeet comes up with a lot of tools for your rescue. Apart from scheduling meetings, you can discuss serious concerns with your teammates by whiteboarding your ideas and saving it later if you want. If you are concerned about your next presentation, you can now confidently pitch it in front of your stakeholders in WoWMeet. Even it gives you the flexibility to stage and review the 3D Models of your designs.

Flexible Work Culture

Work From Anywhere while enjoying your great corporate social life. It’s no longer a myth with WoWMeet becoming a reality. This decade belongs to the Remote first Companies.

Navin Manaswi says, “We are building enterprise metaverse keeping privacy and security as our top priority. We make sure that you own and control your data with our enterprise-grade security”.

So, here we invite all the remote-first companies to join us in this revolution. Let’s change the way people work together.

Think Work From Anywhere, Think WoWMeet.

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