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Maruti Suzuki Introduces ARENAVerse, an auto showroom in the Metaverse.

With its premium NexaVerse platform paying dividends in terms of digital customer connect, Maruti Suzuki has expanded its Metaverse operation to the Arena sales channel.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has announced the introduction of

, a Metaverse platform for the company's ARENA showroom network, in an effort to strengthen its position in the metaverse. After Mahindra, the business is now the second Indian automaker to achieve this. Users of ARENAVerse will be able to engage in a lifelike virtual encounter with Maruti Suzuki automobiles.

The company has furnished more than 700 Maruti Suzuki ARENA main outlets spread across India with Virtual Reality (VR) devices for customers to experience the ARENAverse. The ARENAVerse web-version will also be accessible through the Maruti Suzuki ARENA website on web browsers.

The automaker has supplied Virtual Reality (VR) devices to customers at over 700 Maruti Suzuki locations across India to discover the Arenaverse.

Speaking on the introduction of ARENAVerse, Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Officer, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said, “At Maruti Suzuki, we have ensured that our already strong digital journey is further fortified to suit the requirements of new-age customers. We set the wheels of the metaverse in motion with NEXAverse which has been a resounding success, with over 10,000 bookings for the Grand Vitara coming from the NEXAverse alone.”

He added, “With ARENAVerse, we have taken this digital journey a notch up, by bringing the country’s largest auto retail network ARENA to the Metaverse and ensuring that our customers’ digital experiences are as personalised and dynamic as possible. There is immense potential in the global online ecosystem of metaverse that provides companies with the platform to grow without geographical boundaries and time zones.”

“This presents huge opportunities for us at MSIL to touch our most remote customers by integrating our technological innovation with our vast network across India. We are very excited about what the meta-universe has in store for us and how we navigate through it to bring the best of experiences for our customers,” Srivastava concluded.

In 2021, Maruti Suzuki digitised 24 out of 26 car buying steps and empowered its ecosystem to adapt simultaneously for a seamless end-to-end experience. Whether it was its Smart Finance service, the ‘MS Chatbot’ or ‘S-Assist’, the company says that it has always prioritised customer satisfaction while nurturing new-age innovations.

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