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Jio Tesseract

Mumbai, Maharashtra – Jio Tesseract, India's biggest mixed reality platform is launching its latest innovation in the augmented and virtual reality space. It's called the


Since the RIL AGM in 2019, we’ve revolutionized and improved our form-factor, design,

XR optics, audio features, and library of mixed reality applications.

JioGlass is a 75-gram lightweight mixed reality headset that comes in a compact sunglasses-based form factor. We have the best-in-class visual clarity that allows you to consume digital media on a large screen at the comfort of your home as if you were sitting in a personal 3D theatre. JioGlass works with a smartphone or a separate compute unit by simply plugging in a convenient USB-C cable that allows your 2D mobile applications to be played in a 3D augmented world. On the audio front, we've pioneered the world's first personal, spatial, and directional XR sound system that runs all audio formats without any wired attachments.

JioGlass has the power to enhance the way you communicate, watch movies, shop,

play, and learn.

Despite the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve not only designed and innovated on a mixed reality device with cutting-edge technology from India but also built 25 MR

applications across entertainment, learning, gaming, shopping, and productivity. We’re now making mixed reality accessible and affordable for everyone.

COVID-19 has completely changed the concept of the workspace and prompted exponential growth of digital collaboration. The new way of working can now be reimagined in the mixed reality space.

With JioGlass you can now join a meeting in your office with colleagues in 3D from any location. To enhance productivity, you can do a holographic video call in which you can share, discuss, and deliberate on projects and presentations on a large screen.

Not just that, you can also carry out these virtual interactions with your custom 3D

avatar as well as in 2D video call formats with the JioMeet Mixed Reality Platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also prompted one of the most important applications in the education sector that is bound to make learning more impactful. Jio Glass is making teachers and students come together in 3D virtual classrooms and conduct holographic sessions through the Jio Mixed Reality Cloud in real-time. To give you an example, with the help of JioGlass, learning history and geography will be transformed where you can travel to the by-lanes of Agra and immerse yourself in the wonderful architecture of the Taj Mahal. It could even be The Pyramids of Giza in

Egypt, The Colosseum in Rome, or the Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

Our solutions can be implemented at scale within organizations and businesses that

want to bring meaningful solutions to their employees, colleagues, partners, and

customers by making digital collaboration smooth across devices and platforms to

ensure they stay connected, no matter where they are.

With JioGlass, we're reinventing the way we communicate with not just fellow humans

but also computers and digital content. And we're ready to bring AR/VR and the future

of computing to India with technologically advanced devices

and transformative experiences that will change your relationship with technology in

a very meaningful way.

AGM Video Link

About Tesseract

Tesseract is a public subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited and an MIT Media Lab

spin-off operating out of India creating products in the mixed reality (AR/VR) space.

At Tesseract, we began our journey with a humble ambition of democratizing the use of

mixed reality (augmented + virtual reality), considering its immense potential to

transform the way people learn, work and play.

Our team consists of MIT Media Lab alumni's, with a combined experience in

augmented reality, virtual reality, computer vision, product/industrial design, artificial

intelligence and machine learning.

Recognitions & Awards

Forbes 30 Under 30:


NassComm Emerge League of 10 2018:



Design4India A Nasscom Initiative (Design Awards 2018):


Asia Hardware Battle (Tech Crunch/technode):


MIT Innovators Under 35:

About Jio Platforms Limited

Jio Platforms Limited (“Jio”), a majority-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries

Limited, has built a world-class all-IP data strong future proof network with the latest

4G LTE technology (through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Reliance

Jio Infocomm Limited). It is the only network conceived and born as a Mobile VideoNetwork from the ground up and supporting Voice over LTE technology. It is future

ready and can be easily upgraded to support even more data, as technologies advance

on to 5G, 6G, and beyond. Jio will bring transformational changes in the Indian digital

services space to enable the vision of Digital India for 1.3 billion Indians and propel

India into global leadership in the digital economy. It has created an eco-system

comprising of network, devices, applications and content, platforms, service

experience, and affordable tariffs for everyone to live the Jio Digital Life. As part of its

customer offers, Jio has revolutionized the Indian telecom landscape by making voice

calls for Jio customers absolutely free, across India, to any network, and always. Jio

makes India the highest quality, most affordable data market in the world.

About Reliance Industries Limited (RIL)

RIL is India’s largest private sector company, with a consolidated turnover of $87.1

billion, a cash profit of $9.4 billion, and a net profit of $5.3 billion for the year ended

March 31, 2020. RIL’s activities span hydrocarbon exploration and production,

petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, retail and digital services. RIL is the

top-most ranked company from India to feature in Fortune’s Global 500 list of ‘World’s

Largest Corporations’ – currently ranking 106th in terms of both revenues and profits.

The company stands 71st in the ‘Forbes Global 2000’ rankings for 2019 – top-most

among Indian companies. It ranks 10th among LinkedIn’s ‘The Best Companies to

Work For In India’ (2019).


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