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VR Technology Brings A Paradigm Shift In Real Estate Marketing

Written by - Manisha Misra

It is overwhelming to know the way virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are disrupting the traditional sales and marketing tools like print, 2D videos and also 3D walkthroughs, especially in the field of real estate marketing. The brilliant use VR in the real estate industry has solved a lot of real life problems for both the buyers and sellers.

Buying a house is a once-in-a-lifetime investment for most of us. So it is very important for us to visit our dream home physically, before putting our hard earned money and lifetime savings to buy it. Now with VR the buyer does not need to depend on their imagination, to understand how would the house finally look. They can visit properties across the globe, without even stepping out of their comfort zone, using a VR headset or just their smartphone. And save time and money it would cost to visit all the projects physically. Not only that, they can revisit  the property as many number of times as they wish and show it to anyone (their parents/elders/architects/lawyers) sitting in any part of the world and take the required guidance and blessings before finalising the house.

VR is a boon for the real estate developers too. Using the VR technology they can make a business plan which would help generate lucrative ROI to expand their market reach.

This technology enables the seller to build trust in their clients with actual proof.  The immersive, 3D- 360 degree walkthroughs teleport the buyer into the sample flat with an exact scale, dimensions and depth, giving them a feeling as if they are actually present in that house. This helps the realtors to build an emotional connect with their clients instantly. 

Online accessibility of this VR experience increases the reach  and allows the potential buyer to visit the site as many times as they wish and resolve their doubts, that perennially crop up even if you have visited the site personally. Also the freedom to visit the site at one's own convenience creates a sense of ownership for the property, in the mind of the potential buyers.  The accurate preview of the property reduces the dependency on the salesperson and speeds up the buying process which increases the ROI on their sales efforts.

The VR technology has the potential to revolutionise most of the industries and we are witnessing a rapid progress in the way real estate properties are using this technology.

Looking at the marketing trends of this industry, don’t be surprised if the builders will start offering a free virtual home on purchase of a real home. 

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