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Ending Up with a Research Paper in the second year (B.Tech).

Written by - Ashik Hameed

The first time I heard about this tech was when I wanted to join the Robotics group (RIG) in my college (2015). In order to get into this group, all first-years had to make a powerpoint presentation on some technology. And this was fascinating as we could hear about almost all the tech that’s available from ourselves. Augmented Reality was a topic one of my friends spoke during his powerpoint. I was awestruck with this idea at that same moment.Fast forward one year, I worked on mainly two projects at RIG: Hologram, AR App for improving the social skills of autistic kids. We made the latter project into a research paper and presented it in an international conference held in IIT Delhi (Third International Conference on Advances in Robotics). This got published as a conference proceeding in ACM while I was in my second year of college. The paper was on applying augmented reality that would help in the therapy of autistic kids. I’m attaching the link to this paper below. (2017)

I decided to quit RIG for several reasons and to work on solving some problems. Something that had to do with entrepreneurship, leadership. I began one of the first of its kind in the Malabar region, a startup summit backed by the government, Interface Startup Summit (I have written a blog on that).

At this point, I was in my third year. Wow! What a year it was for me. My learning curve was steep, I knew almost every key people working in tech & startups in Kerala. I saw I had a very good communication and woo-ing skills. I actually took a pause at Augmented & Virtual reality to explore Indian Market, Startups and the Products winning the market. I also organized a Hackathon named Techathlon. Learned a lot from all this!

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