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Creating a photorealistic Avatar within a minute- Metaperson

MetaPerson avatars flagship product represents one of the most advanced systems for creating recognizable avatars in the world.

Here are the main features:

  • Game ready avatars created from selfies

  • Creation in under 40 seconds

  • Almost as recognizable as photos; can even fool a facial verification system

  • Unprecedented high resolution of facial texture

  • High-resolution generated hairstyles as well as a pack of predefined hairstyles

  • Extensive customization options for both face and body

  • A growing collection of clothing assets, allowing for mix and matching shirts, pants and shoes, including AI cloth generation

  • Creation available via the MetaPerson Creator, a web application compatible with both desktop and mobile devices

  • Seamlessly incorporate into your projects using the MetaPerson Creator or our versatile REST API

Now let’s dive into specifics!

The goal is to create an avatar from your selfie that would be instantly recognizable by your friends in a 3D experience. To ensure the likeness of avatars to the original images, metaperson utilizes both focus groups and facial recognition technologies for testing.

Avatar Customization

The MetaPerson avatars allow users to truly express themselves. Below is a list of customizations available with MetaPerson avatars:

  • Head shape, eyes, nose and lips

  • Colors for hair, skin, eyebrows and lips

  • Eyeglasses

  • Body shape comes with 8 adjustable parameters, and there’s also the option to define the body shape based on height and weight

  • 16 predefined hairstyles (with more on the way)

MetaPerson Outfits

The system facilitates the mixing and matching of shirts, pants, and shoes. This allows avatars to emulate real-world outfit combinations, greatly expanding the array of available options. Moreover, each outfit can be customized using the AI generator.

MetaPerson Creator And Integration

Anyone can easily create and customize a MetaPerson avatar by visiting The MetaPerson creator is optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms. However, it’s not just tailored for end users. Businesses can seamlessly integrate avatar creation into their products using a straightforward iframe approach! By leveraging a simple JavaScript, you can import the exported avatar directly into your project. Find out more at

Enterprise customers who wish to customize the UI experience further can use the flexible REST API for creating MetaPerson avatars.

Dive in and start creating at!

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