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Bring Disneyland Home: Yaw VR Motion Simulator

Yaw VR who has become known for their small, portable and quite odd-looking #motion #simulator starting out 3 years ago also on #Kickstarter, has now come up with something completely new.

The device pretty much looks like a pimped gaming chair, which can move along two degrees of freedom. Both the pitch and roll movements have broad ranges compared to the currently available motion simulators on the market. It is capable of tilting 70 degrees up and down, and 40 degrees side-to-side.

Adding an optional accessory called the “Yaw platform” enables turning around completely, without any degree limit.

Yaw #VR is expanding their scope from hard-core gamers, and is promoting the product as a smart chair, as well. According to the company, the device is not only a #gaming accessory, but can also be used for working and relaxation. Indeed, the product looks like a great fit to any workroom or living room with its futuristic design.

#virtualreality adoption has substantially increased over the past decade and is one of the few sectors that grew through the Covid restrictions. Now it is not only a far-fetched futuristic idea anymore, but a widely used technology blurring the line between virtual and real worlds, especially when it comes to video games.

Probably the most popular VR headset, #Oculus #Quest2 from #Facebook, has sold over a million pieces in the last quarter of 2020, and its upward trend seems to be unbreakable. While the main target audience of such gadgets is certainly that of gamers, there’s now more and more application fields, such as cultural events, fitness, social interaction or even working.

Although many large, well-known companies are now producing VR headsets, the market for VR motion simulators is still dominated by startups. Yaw VR, a startup from Hungary, is one of the key players.

The 3-year-old company has already sold thousands of motion simulators primarily designed for gaming and is now planning to expand their target audience with their second device. Yaw2, the next generation motion simulator and smart chair is designed for gaming, working and relaxation. Just as their first model, the new device has exceptional motion ranges for pitch and roll, and, with their optional yaw platform, an unlimited range for rotation. On the Kickstarter page, the company also mentions built-in vibration, high speed and low latency as the new device’s main advantages for gamers.

When not used to complement VR gaming with an immersive experience, it can be easily converted to a workstation with its large desk giving space to a mouse, keyboard, or laptop. No doubt, when spending both play and worktime in the same chair, one should be concerned about health. Yaw2 has built-in functions to help preserve user’s health, such as vibration timer to remind them of drinking breaks, or keeping the seat in constant motion to prevent stiff muscles and joints. Yet another feature is the option to relax in the device with the various relaxation programs.

Yaw2 is available since the 23rd of April on Kickstarter, where the company has successfully kick-started their first device, as well. Early bird pricing starts from 790 dollars, and although it certainly is a very special price, there’s only a very limited quantity available for eight hundred. This deal does not include the seat, but they claim any seat can be attached, so you can attach your favorite one. Even if you miss all the early bird prices, the price of Yaw2 will be 1090 dollars on Kickstarter proving that Yaw VR has kept one of the promises regarding their new model: being affordable.

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