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#Facebook now known as #Meta has been the un-crowned leader in #Virtualreality and mark Zuckerberg is single-handedly responsible for the hype generated behind “METAVERSE”.

Oculus Rift to Quest 2 & now the sneak preview of Project Cambria clearly shows the commitment, investment plus work put in by Meta to move from being a social media to a #Metaverse-first company.

Meta allocated $10 Billion for the Metaverse but sometimes being early in the ecosystem could be a hindrance rather than an advantage.

While Mark has been developing for the future & draining capital, Apple on the other side has been playing a wait & watch game.

Tim Cook has not shied away from displaying his preference for Augmented Reality over Virtual Reality, but the lines of AR/VR/MR Glasses seem to be blurring and maybe we will have XR Glasses in the near future which will provide all the features of AR/VR as well as MR in a single head wearable device.

The rumors of an #Apple AR/VR headset launch are heating up &

the company’s board of directors reportedly tried out the headset in early May, mentions of the headset’s RealityOS software are cropping up in Apple’s code and appearing in trademark applications, and Apple CEO Tim Cook recently teased upcoming augmented reality announcements.

Magic leap, PicoVR, NReal, HTC, Vuzix & other global startups are building some fantastic HMDs supported by investors & some brilliant minds.

Is Apple too late to the party or was Meta too early into the ecosystem, these questions will be answered in the future but the biggest question is are any of these giants ready for decentralization & interoperability?

Every few decades the world goes through changes heralded by technology & environment [Climate, Politics, Economics] & we are in the midst of another such change that will be powered by Web 3.0, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, NFTs & 5G

But for the very first time in human history, people as a collective have got the power to direct it to a place that can benefit everyone......hoping we the people are the winners in the ongoing Facebook vs Apple War on monopolizing #metaverse #extendedreality.

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