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XTAL - High-Resolution Virtual Reality Headset For Enterprise

VRgineers is a company based out of Prague and was incepted by Entrepreneur Marek Polčák and his vision to build a transformational VR Headset that does justice to the promise & true potential of Virtual Reality.

XTAL is an enterprise-level virtual reality headset, This high-end piece of equipment is the ideal tool for prototyping and training in the automotive, aerospace, architecture and manufacturing sectors.

VRgineers launched the new generation of XTAL with unbeatable 8K resolution at the recently concluded CES 2020, it has 4K display per eye (8K horizontal in total), foveate rendering, High-density LCDs with unbeatable resolution 8K, Improved lenses with 180º FOV, Eye-tracking capable to run up to 210 fps, Embedded Ultraleap hand-tracking, a VirtualLink cable to carry the display signal from the GPU to the headset, the USB-C single-cable standard for future VR headsets, Autoeye- worlds 1st automatic IPD System, XTAL detects your eyes and automatically adjusts the lenses for optimal image quality and VR experience

plus a Version with helmet mount for simulations at the price of $7890 which includes business-grade support.

It is built for the needs of professional designers, engineers, pilots, doctors & trainers who require superior image quality and accuracy, wide field-of-view, easy integration, and data security.

Whether users want to virtually design, create, prototype, teach or train, XTAL offers the visual quality needed for even the most demanding tasks.

VRgineers is working with the US Navy to develop next-generation simulator, as well as “major national aircraft simulators and leading global automobile manufacturers”.

XTAL is an Enterprise ready HMD which is Secure, durable, and ready to be deployed in any corporate IT environment. Works seamlessly with a growing number of professional software tools. Easily integrates with proprietary systems.

VRgineers plan a software upgrade, which will push capabilities of XTAL far beyond any other device:

New warping algorithm with precise depth and size perception

Eye-tracking SDK

Foveated rendering SDK

The release is planned in the second half of Q1 2020.

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