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XR Nation’s population grows to 22 member companies in a few months

Officially founded in March 2020, XR Nation’s Extended Reality community has rapidly expanded to 22 companies and 1 cluster in the Nordic and Baltic regions. The swift growth has established XR Nation as a serious operator on the AR & VR scene.

XR Nation was born when founders Joh Orengo and Teemu Ollilainen observed that brands have a great deal of interest in XR technology, but might not know how to utilize it to their advantage. Even if brands do know what they are looking for, they often have difficulties identifying suitable creative partners – a dilemma compounded by the prevalence of small XR companies.

XR Nation’s business ecosystem is two-fold: it helps educate brands and connects them with XR companies, while orchestrating an internal market where high-quality products and services can flow faster, cheaper, and smoother amongst a community of XR (and related) companies. According to PwC Global’s “Seeing is believing” study, AR and VR will add $7.8 billion to Finland’s GDP and enhance 32,462 jobs by 2030. While helping its members to reap the fruit of this growth, XR Nation wants to be a positive force in improving the local and international market – for the benefit of creators and customers alike. Says XR Nation CEO Joh Orengo: “We have a chance to create a hub like no other, where not just companies but entire ecosystems of related technologies meet. And we can do it together.” ----------- XR Nation (XRN) is a virtual territory that facilitates free movement of products and services for its community members.

XR Nation is also a space where brands can meet with XR companies. If you’re a brand looking for XR services or a company interested in joining the ecosystem, visit or contact

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