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Enter the World of Creepy Crawly Wonders with Creepy World VR™ - The Groundbreaking Virtual Reality

The pandemic has made it difficult for parents to keep their kids entertained and educated, especially when it comes to science education. However, there is a new solution that has just hit the market - Creepy World VR™. Thousands of parents now have a reason to buy their kids an Oculus because this groundbreaking virtual reality experience is the ultimate way to explore the world of creepy crawly wonders.

Creepy World VR™ is an immersive journey that takes hours to complete and is packed with awe-inspiring macro-VR experiences that showcase an array of fascinating creatures such as tarantulas, scorpions, walking sticks, praying mantids, tiger salamanders, bearded dragons, and even a chance to step inside a honeybee hive.

"We wanted to create an experience that would not only educate children about the wonders of science, but also inspire them to learn more," says Antonio Gustin, the visionary director of the Gateway Science Project. "Creepy World VR™ is an innovative way to get kids excited about science and ignite a passion for scientific literacy in children."

The virtual world of Creepy World VR™ was created using the latest technology, including a macro 360 camera and a 3D scan of a world-renowned insect collection, to bring you up close and personal with creatures you've never seen before. The experience allows kids to examine each display case up close and personal, and in various locations, the exhibit's creator, Dan Capps, will appear to personally guide you through the specimens on display.

"Creepy World VR™ is a stunning tribute to the wonder of insects and reptiles, and we believe that this experience will inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers," adds Gustin.

Currently, the entire experience is offered without charge. Gustin states that this is merely a trial version of what is yet to come. In addition to incorporating numerous more VR encounters, a comprehensive learning curriculum will be implemented, complete with scorekeeping and unlocking secret areas via password access. Furthermore, a full-fledged gaming version, utilizing the Unreal Engine, will also be developed.

Creepy World VR™ is compatible on all major virtual reality platforms. For more information and to experience the world of creepy crawly wonders, visit

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